GIS provides the spatial context for the design, planning and management of critical infrastructure

GIS is used by a diverse group of industries including utilities, engineering, transport, logistics, renewables and marine. The role of GIS does not stop with the design and planning of infrastructure. When the infrastructure is in place, GIS becomes a key tool in asset management.

A challenge often remains: CAD software and GIS software were developed as solutions to different problems.

CAD software was developed for the design of man-made structures that had yet to be built. GIS by contrast was developed to represent existing phenomena, both natural and artificial. As CAD is developing into Building Information Modelling (BIM), and as GIS has grown to handle 3D, so the interest in linking these two worlds is greater now than ever before.

The challenge is how to share CAD and GIS data when systems differ in terms of data model, data format, coordinate system and attribution levels.

CAD and GIS can coexist

Engineering and construction professions have traditionally shared information by exchanging files amongst the individuals and the systems involved in a particular project. However, the trend is to move to server-based data sharing, based on repositories of data that can support multiple users, multiple systems and multiple projects.

The Cadcorp Spatial Information System® meets the needs of both current and future working practices as it supports both file- and server-based exchange of spatial data.

Cadcorp SIS® supports a variety of different CAD formats such as DXF and DGN which allow CAD data to be integrated with GIS and raster data on the designer or analysts desktop.

In addition, Cadcorp SIS Desktop includes an easy-to-use DXF Exporter tool provided at no extra charge. This allows CAD users to quickly and easily extract OS MasterMap and other business data in DXF format from the organisation’s spatial data store for use in their CAD software of choice.

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