Cadcorp GeognoSIS® is a geospatial web services engine, which can be used in both the development and deployment of web applications that use maps and other geographic information

Cadcorp GeognoSIS is a powerful web mapping and geospatial server built around core Cadcorp SIS® functionality. It can be used to power simple view-only websites; OGC compliant web services; complex web services providing advanced spatial analysis/results, and to provide mapping for Google Maps and Bing Maps.

High levels of scalability and availability can be achieved using easily configured and managed clustering of multiple instances and servers. GeognoSIS shares both the core Cadcorp SIS data access capabilities, and the core ‘SIS workspace definition’ (SWD) project file, thus making Cadcorp SIS Desktop a powerful data creation and management tool for preparing geospatial data for dissemination over the web. These capabilities give direct access, without translation, to over 300 data sources, both standardised and proprietary, ranging from CAD and GIS files, to spatial databases and web services, and makes GeognoSIS an ideal vehicle for combining business data and backdrop maps.

All of these disparate data sources can be served via any of the industry standard (eg. OGC WMS and WFS), or de facto standard (eg. Google Maps, Bing Maps), services supported by GeognoSIS. Tile services supported by GeognoSIS (eg. OGC WMTS), can be based on ‘live’ data drawing, or can take advantage of a tile cache for improved responsiveness.  A generic Tile Service can be deployed using GeognoSIS without additional software.

GeognoSIS includes both a modern, browser- and JavaScript centric HTTP API, and an enterprise-friendly SOAP API. The HTTP API enables multiple ‘resources’ (eg. spatial data, individual map features, map overlays, etc), to be manipulated – created, read, updated and deleted – over HTTP.

Extensions to the Restful HTTP API increase the capabilities of this API to include additional analysis options such as routing, buffering, grid analysis and advanced data manipulation. Custom service endpoints enable applications to be deployed quickly.

The SOAP API offers fine-grained control over the same data and analysis tools, but is based on the GisLink API that is common and consistent across all Cadcorp SIS products, enabling developer skills to be easily transferred from the desktop to the web. The SOAP API can also be automatically extended using Stored Procedures.

Applications powered by GeognoSIS can be deployed on an intranet, an extranet, or over the internet. GeognoSIS provides a multi-threaded service, which can support multiple users with disparate datasets and resources. The product can be clustered to combine multiple server instances and to provide resilience.

For those organisations wishing to develop their own web applications and services using GeognoSIS, a cost effective Developer Kit option is available that renders a watermark into the screen image.

Cadcorp GeognoSIS® Manager

Cadcorp GeognoSIS Manager is a browser-based responsive app for the management of services and data being used by GeognoSIS. It provides access to configure all aspects GeognoSIS including:

  • Data Previews
  • Security
  • Multiple GeognoSIS Instances
  • Certificates
  • Cross Origin Resource Scripting (CORS)
  • Processor Affinity and Multi-Threading
  • Stored Procedures
  • Notifications
  • Logging
  • Statistics

It is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese language versions.

Where the requirement is to provide read-only access to geospatial services and data then Cadcorp GeognoSIS Express offers a competitively priced alternative.

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