Helping our customers and partners to get maximum value from their investment in Cadcorp software

Cadcorp is committed to the support of its customers. A dedicated team of GIS professionals and technology specialists is available to assist users with any issues relating to the use and deployment of our software.

Support is available to those customers who have purchased Cadcorp’s software maintenance option. Software maintenance comprises telephone and e-mail support together with access to new versions of Cadcorp software released during the Maintenance period. Cadcorp also offers an Extended Support Service.

You can call us on +44 (0)1438 747996 and email us at

All Cadcorp products come with Online help and a reference guide for developers.

Cadcorp provides a Community which allows registered users to search and share information with other Cadcorp users. All Cadcorp users are encouraged to register on the Community.

In addition, Cadcorp provides a searchable database of commercial and technical material in a Resource Library and a Technical Notices facility.

The Cadcorp offering includes a range of business and technology services such as Training and Professional Services. These can be delivered on or off-site and provide comprehensive coverage of Cadcorp products and development environments. More information can be found here.

Outside the UK, local Cadcorp partners provide all end-user support. These partners link directly back to Cadcorp should a support issue require further assistance.