Most applications of GIS involve land - indirectly. However for some organisations, GIS is all about land and asset management

Returning information about a particular property

Cadcorp SIS is used by housing associations, property developers, land agents, facilities managers, landlords, estate agents, letting agencies, farm and estates managers, surveyors and valuers.



Applications of Cadcorp SIS in land and property include:

Valuation Marketing
Sales Conveyancing
Portfolio management Tenancy management
Letting Facilities management
Land surveys Building surveys
Repair and maintenance Statutory compliance
Managing wayleaves and easements Site selection                                      
Grounds maintenance  

Cadcorp and social housing

Housing associations throughout the UK are using the Cadcorp Spatial Information System in all phases of housing management and maintenance.

Building up records

Those that are new to GIS and mapping find that the powerful data capture and editing capabilities of Cadcorp SIS are invaluable for helping them create and maintain map records of their land and property assets.



Managing assets

Mapping for grounds maintenance

Asset managers are discovering the advantages of recording properties not simply as addresses or points on a map, but as well-defined features. Many housing associations have realised that their ability to negotiate with grounds maintenance contractors is considerably strengthened when they have used GIS to provide accurate measurements of the spatial extent of areas to be maintained.


Sharing the big picture

Counting housing stock by administrative area

Housing associations that have already captured their asset base are now using the power of shared location to help them operate in a joined up manner. They are using the ability of Cadcorp SIS to integrate disparate data sets, present the big picture, and to share that picture more widely through web mapping.


Hosted web mapping

For housing associations that want to take advantage of geographic information but don’t have a dedicated mapping expert, we offer hosted web mapping. For this, Cadcorp takes on the responsibility of managing both map data and the web mapping software. The housing association simply subscribes to the service that includes software, data, and management services.

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