For organisations wishing to share map-based information with a community of users

Cadcorp SIS WebMap is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use off-the-shelf web mapping application. It provides advanced capabilities for presenting and interrogating spatial data, accessed through a familiar and responsive interface. It has been designed to run on mobile devices, tablets and PCs.

Try the online demonstrator

Try the online demonstrator (International)

The interface

SIS WebMap is able to detect the type of device being used to access the application.

When a mobile device or tablet is detected, the application launches a simplified mobile interface. This features finger-tap data interrogation and navigation, a Quick Search facility, and geolocation detection.

Cadcorp SIS WebMap landscape on a tabletCadcorp SIS WebMap responsive user interface - on mobile

A desktop interface provides more powerful searching capabilities, printing, sharing, support for bookmarks and an optional editing capability.

Cadcorp SIS WebMap desktop interface

The application

Print dialog in Cadcorp SIS WebMap

SIS WebMap offers a combination of generic viewing and interrogation capabilities out-of-the box. These include the following:

  • Map window controls - These comprise watermarking, copyright acknowledgement, key map, coordinate tracking, scale bar, zoom scale select, and zoom to coordinates. Base mapping can be ordered and all layers can be switched on and off. There's a slider bar for altering the transparency of base mapping.  
  • Navigation - Support for both mouse and finger-tap gestures
  • Measurement -  Tools are provided for line and area measurement
  • Bookmarks - Users can create and store their own bookmarks as well as having administrator-defined bookmarks
  • Sharing - A news dialog allows maps to be shared using Twitter, Facebook and Google+, with an option provided to shorten the URL. The Capture button allows the user to create and share a jpeg of the current map view, including annotations. User annotations can be saved as JSON to allow sharing.
  • Printing - Print to A4 or A3 page size and in portrait and landscape. Print directly to a local printers or print to PDF
  • Gazetteer - A generic gazetteer is included which can be based on Access, SQL Server, Oracle, or PostGIS
  • Drawing tools - Redlining tools are provided for the creation of areas, lines, circles, points, symbols and text. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) icons from Mapbox Maki, Google Material Design and Emoji One are supplied. Alternatively, add custom symbols using JSON

 News sharing dialog


The spatial data behind SIS WebMap can be envisaged as a number of map layers or overlays. Some map layers will be the property of the organisation deploying the application, representing its own business data. Other layers will originate from outside the organisation, such as maps produced by a national mapping agency. Where attribute data exists, a map layer can be considered as ‘intelligent’ and SIS WebMap is able to query that. SIS WebMap can read open data sources such as OGC WMS, WMTS, WFS, and tile cache services, together with proprietary data formats when that data is held in a Cadcorp SIS project. SIS WebMap can directly consume and present spatial data in over 300 supported GIS, CAD, graphic and database formats – without translation.

Cadcorp Local Knowledge™

At the heart of SIS WebMap is a stand-alone web service Cadcorp Local Knowledge. It returns answers to questions about a locality, such as: What is near? How many are near? How far are they? Results can be returned in tabular form, and users have the ability to ‘drill down’ to reveal more detailed information about individual items returned. Its flexible ‘Search by area’ feature allows the user to define a search area by freehand search area, select feature, point and buffer. Try the online demonstrator


Reporting an abandoned vehicleReportIT is an optional module which allows users of SIS WebMap to report and locate incidents on a map, using the Mobile or Desktop interface. They can do the following: select an incident type to report; add some descriptive detail; include a contact email address; place a marker on the map where the incident occurred; or from the mobile interface, use their current location for the incident. Try the online demonstrator


FindIT search results

FindIT is an optional tool for SIS WebMap which provides a simple way to query a large number of data layers (typically planning constraints), by user-defined area. Results are available for viewing on screen and to download as a PDF. Results are also recorded along with the search item geometry in SQL Server, Oracle or a PostGIS spatial database. More on FindIT


An optional edit facility supports creation and editing of features and associated attributes stored in a SQL Server, Oracle or PostGIS spatial database and displayed within SIS WebMap.

Users can edit features by deleting, moving or inserting vertices on line or area features; whole features, including point, line and area features can be moved or deleted. Attributes can be populated for new features or edited on existing features. It also allows pre-defined attributes.

Accurate data capture can be achieved using snapping, allowing underlying data layers, such as OS MasterMap, to be used as features are created or edited.

Editing functionality can be enabled for specific users logging into SIS WebMap.

Underpinning SIS WebMap is an advanced geospatial web services engine, Cadcorp GeognoSIS®. This is capable of supporting both simple and intelligent web mapping. Organisations are free to add additional functionality to SIS WebMap by writing their own web services.

Administration and security

Federated Security is supported. While supporting Windows Authentication and Forms Security, additional security services such as Identity Server can be used to authenticate users against a remote domain controller. Security, permission, and map settings can be configured using an Online Admin Interface.

The benefits

Many organisations – public and private – are recognising the benefits of using internet mapping as an important channel of communication with their employees and with the public. 

SIS WebMap provides this by offering the following:

  • an easy to use application with an intuitive, familiar look-and-feel
  • a responsive user interface tailored to desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • the ability to integrate diverse data sources
  • an ability to interrogate intelligent maps
  • an infrastructure that can be deployed to drive other services and applications, at no additional licensing cost

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