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Next generation web mapping for Local Government


With its capacity to query and display data in a map, web mapping enables easier sharing of information. The application is being used effectively by Local Authorities for meeting service needs and to help their communities make more informed choices.

Cadcorp SIS WebMap 9.1 is next-generation web mapping. It delivers new and improved functionality that provides local government departments, and the public they serve, more independent access to information.

This webinar demonstrates how to use SIS WebMap 9.1 to:

  • Access address and business data more easily
  • Perform and share searches on areas of interest
  • Produce readily accessible visualisations and reports
  • Make service information available to the public
  • Capture, add, and edit GIS data  

The webinar includes examples from a range of local government use cases. It will be suitable for Local Authorities upgrading to SIS WebMap 9.1 and those wishing to catch up on the latest developments in web mapping.

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This video contains references to Ordnance Survey,


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