Blog from Fergus Craig, Business Development Manager - Housing

Housing Associations can be justified in describing themselves as neighborhood investors, aiming to spend less on running the business and more in the neighborhoods they serve. This business model is founded on the principle that a good use of resources will improve quality of life, choice, and opportunity for their tenants.

Looking at the Housing Associations we work with, a Geographic Information System (GIS) and web mapping is helping them in meeting these objectives by improving data sharing within their organization.

Tasks involving the use of GIS vary from managing tenants, grounds maintenance and land ownership to arrears and property administration. Each user has very different needs. A solution is needed that promotes data sharing across the group whilst also being easy to deploy and develop in the future.

Customer-Focused, Tailored Solution

Some Housing Associations do not have the skills in-house to undertake extensive GIS development and programming. They require a creative and flexible solution, adapted to their workflow and designed to improve productivity and data sharing. This enables everyone within the organisation a geographical view of their responsibilities.

Plays Nicely with Others

Now more than ever, it’s incredibly important that systems are seamlessly integrated and talking to each other. Seeing information layered on top of assets displayed in a web map, helps Housing Associations gain a greater insight into their portfolios and operations. Housing Associations can visualize the full extent of ownership and its obligation to grounds maintenance and repairs. Linking with internal systems gives housing association staff a comprehensive view of their responsibilities.

Delivers Real Value

Bringing together data from all over a network and displaying that data geospatially works far better than the days of staff poring over spreadsheets. An automated, seamless link that brings all relevant data into a web map interface helps housing association staff see all the relevant information they need.

This information can be quickly and easily shared with others over a corporate intranet, which saves time. It also means that staff with little or no GIS experience can access up-to-the-minute data improving communication and information sharing.

Understanding numbers and values in geographical areas increases productivity. Mapping territories and seeing the resulting information helps staff be more productive, reduces management cost and ultimately, helps them in providing a better service to tenants.

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