Modernising operations with digital mapping. The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 imposes significant new powers and responsibilities on Internal Drainage Boards (IDBs) for flood risk management.

The change is merely the latest in a series of legislative directives which have extended the duties of IDBs beyond water level management to include responsibilities for stewardship of the environment, sustainability, and flood defences.

In the light of extended responsibilities, many IDBs have turned to Cadcorp SIS – Spatial Information Systems - as a means to improve both their efficiency and effectiveness. IDBs are using digital mapping technology to derive thefollowing benefits:

  • assuring revenue streams by automating the calculation and collection of drainage rates and levies
  • optimising the use of personnel and machinery through better planning and management
  • improved accounting through more accurate estimating, tracking, and recording of maintenance work, and more effective asset management
  • helping win new revenue streams by providing quotations for engineering and maintenance work for outside bodies
  • improving customer service through quicker responses to requests for information, and proactive notifications of flooding or drainage problems
  • providing a vehicle for the creation of Biodiversity Action Plans and Water Level Management Plans, and for sharing information with Local Planning Authorities and other agencies

Cadcorp offers a full range of affordable desktop, web, and mobile technologies which help IDBs in all phases of their creation and use of digital map data. For example, the technology allows them to
import digital base maps, and to create and edit layers of particular interest. These include drainage ditches, field boundaries, land ownership, pumping stations, sluices, and the boundaries of
environmental and recreational areas.

Cadcorp SIS has the ability to read and display over 300 GIS, CAD, graphic and database formats without the need for translation. It is able to read and write CAD plans, and it supports Ordnance Survey data in all its formats. Using Cadcorp SIS it becomes a simple matter to create a GIS database by dragging and dropping map data into a project.