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Introducing Cadcorp SIS WebMap for Power BI

34:59 Posted on March 12th 2020

A webinar showing how to embed an interactive map into Microsoft
Power BI 

Web Mapping | Specialised Application | Ordnance Survey | Video | Webinar

OS data, GIS and business analytics for public health - with Ordnance Survey

39:27 Posted on February 13th 2020

An Ordnance Survey/Cadcorp webinar

  • location-allocation models
  • routing analysis for identifying and facilitating response and patient travel
  • combining population and demographic data for improving distribution of health resources
  • using Microsoft Power BI with spatial data for interactive visualisation

Desktop | Web Mapping | Emergency Services | Local Government | Ordnance Survey | Video | Webinar

What is GIS and why do Housing Associations use it?

Posted on November 19th 2019

An overview of GIS and Web Mapping for Housing Associations

Desktop | Web Mapping | Cloud Hosting | Land & Property | Video | Webinar

SQL Control Bar

07:08 Posted on September 9th 2019

Check or uncheck View > Show/Hide > SQL to toggle the visibility of the SQL Control Bar in Cadcorp SIS Desktop

Desktop | Developer Tool | User Guide | Video

Route Planning for Emergency Services webinar

28:04 Posted on July 26th 2019

An Ordnance Survey/Cadcorp webinar

Desktop | Emergency Services | Ordnance Survey | Video | Webinar

Getting the lay of the land

Posted on July 16th 2019

Webinar recording

Web Mapping | Land & Property | Video | Webinar

Cadcorp SIS WebMap

10:30 Posted on May 9th 2019

A sophisticated yet easy-to-use off-the-shelf application for web mapping.

See it in action

Web Mapping | Video

Supporting OS Open Zoomstack webinar

26:09 Posted on March 13th 2019

An Ordnance Survey/Cadcorp webinar

  • Steps for successfully loading OS Open Zoomstack into GIS and web mapping software
  • How to manage OS Open Zoomstack and apply different styles
  • OS Open Zoomstack use cases

Desktop | Web Mapping | Ordnance Survey | Video | Webinar


04:13 Posted on February 21st 2019

Video tutorial on using Cadcorp FindIT in SIS WebMap 9

Web Mapping | Government | Local Government | Land & Property | Video

Getting Started with OS Open Zoomstack

Posted on February 14th 2019

User Guide, video tutorial, and webinar with Ordnance Survey

Desktop | Ordnance Survey | User Guide | Video | Webinar

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