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A searchable database of technical and commercial material

GIS and Web Mapping for Asset Management in Housing

Posted on September 8th 2020

A webinar on why GIS and web mapping is a corporate solution for Housing Associations

Desktop | Web Mapping | Cloud Hosting | Specialised Application | Land & Property | Video | Webinar

Bringing the OS Data Hub to Desktop GIS

Posted on September 8th 2020

Blog from Martin Daly, technical director at Cadcorp

Desktop | Blog | Ordnance Survey

Connecting to Third Party Websites in Cadcorp SIS WebMap

06:31 Posted on August 12th 2020

How to bring content together in SIS WebMap by establishing links from your GIS data and third-party websites. This demonstration shows various hyperlink examples for SIS WebMap and the web service Cadcorp Local Knowledge™

Web Mapping | Video

Bringing data together in Cadcorp SIS WebMap

08:05 Posted on August 11th 2020

A demonstration showing how to create hyperlinks in Cadcorp SIS Desktop using expressions and HTML

Desktop | Web Mapping | Video

Easing the load of location and constraint searches with self-service

37:18 Posted on August 4th 2020

A webinar showing a method for performing spatial searches on numerous datasets, and displaying the results in a formal report including an Ordnance Survey map

Desktop | Web Mapping | Specialised Application | Government | Local Government | Ordnance Survey | Video | Webinar

Cadcorp FindIT Planning Constraints Report (Download)

909 KB Posted on July 31st 2020

Cadcorp FindIT is a versatile planning constraints tool. It allows the user to search numerous datasets and displays the results in a report with map. View a sample

Web Mapping | User Guide

Making GIS consumer friendly for Local Authority service users

53:55 Posted on July 14th 2020

A webinar with Stoke-on-Trent City Council on best practice use of GIS in Local Government

Desktop | Web Mapping | Specialised Application | Government | Local Government | Video | Webinar

Cadcorp and emapsite: Navigating HM Land Registry data

Posted on June 24th 2020

A webinar with Cadcorp partner, emapsite, on how to extract the best value from HM Land Registry data

Desktop | Web Mapping | Government | Local Government | Land & Property | Video | Webinar

Introducing Cadcorp SIS Desktop in the cloud

34:46 Posted on June 23rd 2020

A webinar that demonstrates the features of desktop GIS in the cloud

Desktop | Cloud Hosting | Video | Webinar

What is GIS and why do Housing Associations use it

55:48 Posted on June 16th 2020

An updated webinar on GIS and web mapping for Housing Associations

Desktop | Web Mapping | Cloud Hosting | Land & Property | Video | Webinar

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