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Embed a Waze Live Map within Notice Board™

Posted on January 29th 2018

Using a simple expression, embed a Waze Live Map into Notice Board

Web Mapping | User guide

Free data management workshops for the Public Sector

Posted on January 26th 2018

If you work in government and want to maximise the benefit of geographic information systems (GIS) and web mapping, becoming familiar with Ordnance Survey (OS) data products is a good place to start.
Ordnance Survey blog, 22nd January 2018

Desktop | Government | In the press

Using Python within Cadcorp Desktop

03:38 Posted on January 25th 2018

Using Python, easily convert between different datasets and file formats from within Cadcorp Desktop

Desktop | Video

St Albans Council Notice Board (Download)

Posted on November 27th 2017

Creating a Web Mapping Tile Service Pt. 1

04:42 Posted on November 13th 2017

Setting up your Ordnance Survey data

Web Mapping | Server | User guide | Video

Creating a Web Mapping Tile Service Pt. 2

04:16 Posted on November 13th 2017

Publishing your Ordnance Survey data

Web Mapping | Server | User guide | Video

Web mapping & Local Knowledge™ on mobile devices

01:58 Posted on November 10th 2017

Web Map Layers is able to detect the type of device being used to access the application. When a mobile device or tablet is detected, the application launches a simplified mobile interface. This features finger-tap data interrogation and navigation, a Quick Search facility, and geolocation detection.

Web Mapping | Video

Intranet web mapping & Local Knowledge™

01:46 Posted on November 10th 2017

At the heart of Web Map Layers is a stand-alone web service called Local Knowledge™. It returns answers to questions about a locality, such as: What is near? How many are near? How far are they? Results can be returned in tabular form, and users have the ability to ‘drill down’ to reveal more detailed information about individual items returned.

Web Mapping | Video

Routing Analysis with Cadcorp SIS Desktop

01:57 Posted on November 10th 2017

Cadcorp SIS Desktop provides a cost-effective platform for the creation and preparation of geographic information. Its capabilities embrace the viewing, querying, editing, analysis and modelling of GIS data.

Desktop | Video

Sefton Council (Download)

601 KB Posted on October 4th 2017

GIS for Government - Case Study

"With Local Knowledge you know ‘where’s my nearest school’ or ‘who are my councillors’ and ‘am I in a conservation area’. The information is there at the click of a button and saves the council a lot of time and money by allowing citizens to self-serve."

~ Chris Nelson, Technical Officer, Sefton Council

Government | Case Study

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