Independent data analysis and modelling performed on behalf of the organisation

Our geospatial specialists provide data analysis and modelling as a service. This can be independently performed on behalf of the organisation or to complement in-house projects.

Some of the advantages of this approach include:

  • Resource - organisations that run data analysis and modelling on a relatively infrequent basis may not have the internal analyst resource available
  • Time – when internal resources are unavailable, due to the existing commitments of their analysts, they may find that the project cannot be produced within the required timescale
  • Cost – outsourcing data analysis and modelling has the potential to save in other areas. For example in hardware, software licences and training
  • Validation – It provides external validation that may be required as part of a public consultation process

Local Authority Use case

Basildon Borough Council asked Cadcorp to help with data analysis on their land ownership data. Cadcorp was able to create a definitive layer of land ownership, calculate the corresponding Ordnance Survey® Mastermap land clarifications and create a report including both a map and tabular output.

"I was very happy with the outcome of the project. The engagement was good and I liked that everything was checked and proofed as we went along."

Stuart McDermott, Street Scene Maintenance Officer, Basildon Borough Council

Emergency Services Use case

Surrey Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) approached Cadcorp for third party quality assurance on the data, methodology, and results of modelling options for fire cover in Surrey. Cadcorp went on to review the output of each scenario and provided SFRS with a report including the base model review, associated comments, overall recommendations and suggested improvements for each scenario.

“We’re committed to ensuring that any fire cover analysis at SFRS is conducted to the high standard that the public deserve. Third party validation is an important part of this process. We really appreciated having the support of Cadcorp on this project who were able to provide the assurance that both our data and results were of a high standard, as well as providing recommendations for future work.”

Sally Wilson, Head of Intelligence and Mobilising, Surrey Fire and Rescue Service

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