Provides enhanced support to load and structure MasterMap Topography Layer, Highways Network, VectorMap District and Local and OpenMap formats into spatial databases for version control and multiple concurrent users.

Cadcorp SIS supports Ordnance Survey® (OS®)data in its native format for the immediate display of styled and structured data. This is extremely beneficial for the single user, however there are a number of benefits to loading the data into a spatial database or structured files.

  • Certain datasets such as OS MasterMap Topography can support change only updates (COUs)
  • Multiple users can access data stored in a centralised repository
  • Seamless national coverage of OS mapping
  • Structured data for full cartographic styling and control of feature display
  • Faster drawing and searching
  • Topology applied to network data to allow routing

Ordnance Survey (GB) Managers in SIS Desktop

Four embedded loaders in Cadcorp SIS Desktop provide enhanced support to load and structure MasterMap Topography Layer, Highways Network, VectorMap District and Local and OpenMap formats into spatial databases for version control and fast multiple concurrent users.

Delivered with SIS Desktop at no extra cost are the following loaders:

  • OS MasterMap Manager
  • OS Network Manager
  • OS OpenData Manager
  • OS VectorMap Manager

Cadcorp SIS OS MasterMap Manager takes Topography Layer gml or gzip files and loads them into a spatial database. It supports Microsoft SQL Server, PostGIS, and Oracle® databases for corporate implementations, as well as standalone OS MasterMap Database (“ODB”) files. The OS MasterMap Manager also supports change-only updates, allowing long term management of base mapping.

Cadcorp SIS Network Manager loads an initial supply of OS MasterMap Highways Network data, including Turn and Direction Restrictions, into a Cadcorp topological file format, for further route-finding, analysis and display. Additionally, the network can be exported to OSRM (Open Source Routing Machine) for exceptionally fast routing operations. The Network Manager still retains support ITN data.

Cadcorp SIS OS OpenData Manager allows the user to load certain OS OpenData formats into a spatial database. The following OpenData products can benefit from being stored in a database for better performance and multi-user support, retaining options for OS styling and accessed through dedicated overlay wizards:

  • OS Open Zoomstack    
  • OS OpenMap – Local
  • OS Open Rivers
  • OS Open Roads

Cadcorp SIS OS VectorMap Manager allows the OpenData VectorMap District product and VectorMap Local mapping to be loaded into a spatial database. These detailed products can be used for a variety of backdrop purposes and retain their styling options and feature structure in the database through a dedicated wizard. 

Database Interoperability

All the OS Manager applications can load data into SQL Server, PostGIS and Oracle spatial databases. The OS MasterMap Manager can also load data into a standalone ODB file.

Once stored in the database, the data is accessible directly to the entire Cadcorp SIS product family, allowing the data to be used in a range of web sites and specialised desktop applications.

Data can also be accessed by Cadcorp GeognoSIS® which can be used to serve data in a range of formats for consumption by other systems to maximise interoperability and data sharing between and within organisations, including:

  • OGC Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) Implemented WMTS 1.0
  • OGC Web Map Service (WMS) Implemented WMS 1.3
  • OGC Web Feature Service (WFS) Implemented WFS 1.0.0
  • Microsoft Bing Maps
  • Google Maps
  • Cadcorp Tile Service
  • Cadcorp Tile Cache Service

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