Aimed at organisations managing field assets that have to be periodically inspected in situ

Cadcorp Site Auditor is for organisations that own or manage large amounts of field assets that have to be periodically inspected in situ. The reasons for inspections are various. They include monitoring safety and compliance, reducing liability, and assessing an asset’s state of repair. What the organisations have in common is that they need to keep an auditable record of these site visits and they want to achieve this using automated means as far as possible.

The Solution

Site Auditor satisfies this requirement as it provides a streamlined process for generating a visual and auditable record of the location, time, and duration of site visits. It does so in a way that eliminates unnecessary paperwork and avoids data transcription.

Site Auditor works in conjunction with a GPS recording device carried by inspectors, either in-vehicle or on-foot. The device is set to record lat-long positions at given time intervals from the start to the end of a site inspection workflow. Site Auditor reads and processes the resultant data file, and provides the analysis and reporting functionality that is required to structure the GPS trace, or ‘bread-crumb’ trail, into an auditable record of inspections. The application works on the basis that a visual inspection can be deemed to have occurred when an inspector has been within a given distance of a target location for a sufficiently long period of time. By comparing the known location of target sites with the recorded location of the GPS device, Site Auditor identifies target sites which meet the conditions of falling within the range of the inferred location of the inspector and for a sufficient duration. Conversely, it identifies target sites which are deemed not to have been inspected and perhaps warrant a subsequent inspection. Site Auditor allows the two key parameters – proximity and duration – to be user-defined.

Applications of Site Auditor

  • Police Forces: Scheduled inspections, security, legislative obligations
  • Local Government: Asset management, rights of way, environmental health
  • Utilities: Electricity, water, waste water, gas, telecommunications
  • Environment: Forestry, fisheries, marine and river management
  • Airports: Asset management, security
  • Estates Management: Land and property, boundaries, arboriculture
  • Housing Associations: Property maintenance and repair, grounds maintenance

The Benefits

  • Inspection and audit efficiency is increased by removing the need for manual data recording in the field – either paper or computer-based
  • Seamless integration between GIS and GPS avoids unnecessary data transcriptions
  • The application provides both a visual and database record of site visits
  • It becomes a simple matter to answer questions such as: Where was an audit or inspection carried out? When was a site last visited? Who was the inspector?
  • The parameters of Site Auditor are fully customisable to the needs of different organisations

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