Manage and control the flow of data between files, databases, and servers

Cadcorp SIS ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) is a data management tool that manages and controls the flow of data between files, databases, and servers. The applications include streamlining spatial data management and providing concurrent data for a cloud or remote data service.

The following operations and formats are supported:

  • COPY - Moves updated files (BDS, FDB, ODB, SHP, and TAB) from and to defined locations
  • UPLOAD - Pushes data from FDB, SHP, TAB or SWD project files into a PostGIS database, replacing any existing tables. When using the project file option, all supported Cadcorp SIS vector formats can be included
  • APPEND - Allows CSV data to be added to an existing table
  • UPDATE - Drops an existing PostGIS table and creates a new one with the CSV

SIS ETL can undertake regular exports from the PostGIS database to GIS files. This is useful for when the database tables have been updated and are required by other systems.

Cadcorp SIS ETL workflows

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