A high-level Software Development Kit for building and branding desktop GIS applications

The Cadcorp SIS Software Developer Kit (SDK) is an ActiveX development environment offering the GIS developer the full functionality of Cadcorp SIS Desktop. Unlike low-level component technology where most functionality must be built from scratch, the SDK is a high level development environment. Inclusion of components drawn from standard Cadcorp SIS interface assemblies, such as dialogue boxes, wizards and print templates, greatly simplify the programming task; allowing for rapid application development, testing and deployment.

For example, the Print Wizard, an extremely versatile end user tool for formatting maps, can easily be invoked from the SDK. It offers application developers all the sophistication and flexibility of the Print Wizard that is available in the desktop Cadcorp SIS products.

Applications developed with the SDK cover planning, land charges, development control, facilities management, route planning, agricultural land usage and many others. Programming is straightforward and familiar using industry standard, non-proprietary languages such as Visual Basic, Visual C++ and C#.

The Cadcorp SIS Enterprise Developer Kit (EDK)

The EDK provides developers with access to the complete range of Cadcorp SIS development functionality in one convenient bundle. The EDK includes a Software Development Kit (SDK) for developing ActiveX based desktop applications and a Cadcorp GeognoSIS® Developer licence for the development of web based GIS applications.

Runtime licensing – Cadcorp SIS ActiveX deployment licences

Cadcorp SIS ActiveX deployment licences allow a developer to deploy an application with full control over the level of functionality and the licensing of users. Developers may choose the level of capability their applications offer by distributing one of the three available ActiveX licence options:

  • Cadcorp SIS ActiveX Viewer – extensive GIS data viewing, thematics, redlining
  • Cadcorp SIS ActiveX Manager – thematic mapping, projection control, query and basic editing
  • Cadcorp SIS ActiveX Modeller – professional GIS analysis and advanced geometric editing

In brief

  • create and test applications using the Cadcorp SIS SDK.
  • harness the power of pre-built assemblies included in the SDK as standard. These include Wizards, Overlay Dialogs and Print Templates
  • use industry standard ActiveX development languages such as Visual Basic, Visual C++ and C#
  • deploy applications developed with the Cadcorp SIS SDK using Cadcorp ActiveX licences