Map Manager is a versatile and powerful base product for preparing, configuring, and managing both spatial data and metadata for the web, desktop, and spatial databases.

It extends the functionality of Map Express by providing capabilities for creating and editing points, lines, and areas, as described below:

Data editing

The creation of new 2D graphics including lines, polylines and freehand lines. Area tools include areas, multi-areas, ellipses, circles, and rectangles. Point tools include points, multi-points, and shapes. Also, familiar CAD–like precision tools such as snap and typed coordinate input, and the use of relative position.

Data querying

Support for spatial and database queries. Spatial queries include within a distance of, adjacent and contained within. An easy-to-use Database Query Wizard exploits native query facilities.


A Print Template Wizard facilitates setting the scale of the map, adding a title bar, key map, legend, scale bar, north arrow and map graticules.

Map production

Export and print maps to PDF including the ability to add additional security settings and export layers that can be shown or hidden within Adobe Reader or Adobe Illustrator.

GPS support

Built-in support for GPS devices at no extra cost, including connecting to a GPS, saving and replaying logs of GPS NMEA strings, and a GPSView Workspace Window tab with a GPS ‘skyplot’.

The Cadcorp SIS desktop product family runs on tablet PCs supporting field based operations with integrated or add-on GPS. The EXchangeable Image Format (EXIF) is also supported for GPS geo-referenced digital camera images