Increased map expanse, crisp icons and print to A3

All our web mapping products have increased in functionality to provide a richer set of tools - Cadcorp SIS WebMap.

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Here's what's new in SIS WebMap 9:

User Interface

  • UI is cleaner and devotes even more space to the map 
    • Banner icons are reduced in size and include text
    • Commands are relocated to a drop-down menu (except Current Location, Home, Share and Bookmarks)
    • Zoom controls are shifted to the right to avoid being obscured by the left-hand drop-down menu
  • The administrator can define the order of base mapping layers
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) can now be used for no-loss resolution of icons. SIS WebMap includes new map marker icons
  • Icon displays to show user's current position when Location button is used

  • Slider bar has been added for altering the transparency of base mapping

  • Single button to turn all layers on and off
  • ‘Close’ button takes you back to your original selection of maps
  • Better control over the viewing of multiple features and their attribution
  • Streamlined menus


  • Extended Search by Area options, allowing the user to:
    • Select an existing feature
    • Draw their own query area
    • Apply a buffer to the search area or point
  • User annotations can be saved between sessions
  • A new Zoom to Coordinates dialog, supporting Lat/Long and coordinates
  • Printing is extended to include A3 size prints or PDF
  • Capture button allows the user to create and share a jpeg of the current map view, including annotations
  • Supports SVG, hexagonal grids and other graphical features of Cadcorp SIS Desktop 9 when these are defined in the SWD

  • Edit Add-In updated to allow pre-defined attributes
  • Support for Federated Security. While supporting Windows Authentication and Forms Security, additional security services such as Identity Server can be used to authenticate users against a remote domain controller

Cadcorp Local Knowledge™

  • Cadcorp Local Knowledge™ speed increase
    • Incremental searches now display results as soon as data is returned
    • Change and define order of searches

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Cadcorp SIS WebMap Express

Benefiting from the enhancements of SIS WebMap 9, Cadcorp SIS WebMap Express is available as a low-cost map publisher and viewer for sharing map data over the internet.

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