Our geospatial web services engine has been updated to offer more flexibility and customisation to the end-user

Here's what's new:

Cadcorp GeognoSIS® Manager

  • Implemented as a browser-based, fully responsive app 
  • Presents an entirely new UI with a modern look and feel
  • Preview thumbnails are included for quick reference to individual maps

  • Management and deployment of GeognoSIS instances is now easier, allowing port numbers to be changed after creation whilst new instances have their name and port numbers checked for clashes with existing instances
  • A dashboard interface provides direct access to all instances and their configuration
  • Localised into French, German, Spanish and Japanese
  • Suitable for use with modern browsers, but also available as a downloadable, self contained app

Cadcorp GeognoSIS®

  • Extensions to the Restful HTTP API provides a number of new resources and access points
  • All new expressions and processes introduced in Cadcorp SIS 9 can be used in the HTTP API.  This extends the functional capabilities to include routing, advanced data manipulation such as tessellation and grid analysis such as Getis-Ord and KDE
  • All new data, themes, overlay types and data configurations are supported
  • The efficiency of the HTTP API has been improved, with a reduced number of requests required when performing frequently used operations and the option to use caches for the item enumeration state
  • New service endpoints enabled
  • Generic Tile Service replaces the near-duplicate Google Maps and Microsoft Bing Maps services

  • A number of enhancements have been made to accelerate drawing and render speed

Cadcorp GeognoSIS Express®

For web mapping applications that require read-only access to geospatial services and data, we offer Cadcorp GeognoSIS Express.

Release Notes

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