Join our growing network of business partners around the world

Cadcorp is looking for organisations to take advantage of Cadcorp SIS technology, to join our growing network of business partners around the world, and to be part of Cadcorp’s success.

What is the Cadcorp Business Partner Network?

The Cadcorp Business Partner Network is a growing international community of organisations that develop and deploy geographic information applications and services based on Cadcorp technology.

Why Cadcorp ?

  • Cadcorp is a privately-held, European, independent software vendor (ISV). We determine our own technical and commercial direction without influence from a publicly-owned or remote parent company.
  • Cadcorp owns its own intellectual property. We are in charge of our own development, testing and release cycles, and are able to make coherent software releases across our entire product range.
  • At the core of all Cadcorp SIS products is a single, shared source code. This means that Cadcorp products are able to use integrated and common GIS algorithms, APIs and data source methodologies across all operating environments: desktop, web, and developer; resulting in software which is easier to use and deploy.
  • The software uses ‘Open’ (non-proprietary) development tools. Users do not have to invest in learning a product-specific development languages to produce customisations or applications.
  • Cadcorp uses open source components. This enables our customers to meet their obligations to use open source software when available, and it allows us to deliver cost effective solutions to them. Examples of Open Source components and Open Source projects used or supported by Cadcorp include: PostGIS, GDAL, KML, OGC W*S, GeoJSON, GeoRSS, GPX, OpenLayers and OpenStreetMap.
  • Cadcorp SIS is able to directly read more than 300 GIS, CAD, graphic and database formats, without translation. This reduces the cost of data translation and means that Cadcorp SIS software is easy to integrate into existing IT architectures.

Who can join?

The Cadcorp Business Partner Network is aimed at organisations that have :

  • an interest in using Cadcorp technology or software components as part of their applications and services
  • an industry or market-focused GIS application or service
  • technical expertise in the development and deployment of GIS technology
  • a business strategy supported by successful sales and marketing practices
  • resources dedicated to ensuring customer success

What does Cadcorp provide?

Cadcorp provides partners with:

  • access to a comprehensive GIS product family with a strong presence in GIS and web mapping
  • low cost annual software subscriptions
  • product maintenance, support, and training
  • an account manager dedicated to supporting sales and marketing
  • access to a community of like-minded individuals and companies

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