Cadcorp’s contract with West Yorkshire Police for provision of an enterprise GIS system has been extended. Press Release, Stevenage UK, 6th December 2016

Cadcorp’s contract to provide a corporate GIS capability to West Yorkshire Police has been extended into 2020.

West Yorkshire Police use Cadcorp software for a variety of different tasks throughout the police force. Desktop products are used for crime analysis, hotspot mapping and routing analysis; web mapping products are used for the distribution of spatially related data over the intranet while Cadcorp developer components provide a GIS capability for Steria STORM, the force Command and Control system.

Following the contract award, West Yorkshire Police are upgrading to the latest version of Cadcorp software. 

The upgrade programme will provide a range of benefits to West Yorkshire Police.  Crime analysts will benefit from interface and functional developments within Cadcorp’s desktop product, Map Modeller. Cadcorp’s geospatial web services engine - GeognoSIS®, will make Ordnance Survey maps available as a Web Mapping Tile Service (WMTS) to a range of other West Yorkshire Police applications. Officers on the beat, will use the Web Map Layers responsive user interface specifically tailored to mobile devices to access mapping data while working remotely.

Ben O’Hara, Information Specialist, West Yorkshire Police said, “We look forward to continuing to work with Cadcorp to support the deployment of GIS and web mapping throughout West Yorkshire Police.  The number of business applications that will benefit from the use of mapping is set to increase, as front line officers demand more from their mobile devices”.

Martin McGarry, managing director, Cadcorp said, “We are delighted that West Yorkshire Police have decided to extend their GIS contract with Cadcorp and thereby benefit from our investment in product development. We look forward to a continuing close relationship, and to further integrating our products into their organisation”.

About West Yorkshire Police
West Yorkshire Police serve approximately 2.1 million people living in one of the five metropolitan districts. The physical area, of some 2000 square kilometres or 780 square miles, contains the West Yorkshire conurbation and a network of motorway and trunk roads which allow easy access to and from other population centres. The area is policed by around 5,600 police officers and 3,600 support staff, including Police Community Support Officers. This makes the Force the fourth largest in the country.

The Force area is very varied combining busy cities and towns with quiet villages and picturesque rural locations. People are equally varied and represent a diverse range of ethnic cultural and economic backgrounds. The overwhelming majority of police officers are engaged in operational duties that contribute towards the community safety for the people of West Yorkshire.