Latest SIS 9 software releases

Cadcorp Workload Modeller has been upgraded to run with Cadcorp SIS 9. Changes in this version include:

  • SIS 9 supported which includes updated icons and internal product level changes
  • A ‘launch button’ which allows the user to change where the config files are read from (settings.txt & DatabaseTemplate.mdb)
  • Creation of prescribed callout sets has a new option - ‘assigning appliances at Incident Start time’. Assigning appliances at Callout times remains as an option too
  • A new dialog has been added in resource set creation to allow ‘historic appliance equivalents’ to be added to a resource set. This helps make creating resource sets less time-consuming

Emergency Services' appliances assigned at Incident Start time in Cadcorp Workload Modeller

Workload Modeller is a sophisticated resource planning and performance reporting tool designed specifically for fire and rescue services. It operates on data about when and where incidents occur, relating this to a fire service’s resources and the constraints under which it operates. It allows fire services to explore the likely effects of making changes to resourcing strategies and, by using realistic simulation modelling techniques, removes the guess-work involved in answering ‘What if…?’ questions.

Cadcorp Risk Modeller, an add-in which allows users to test the impact of various risk factors combined with routing analysis, has also been upgraded to run with Cadcorp SIS 9.

Workload Modeller and Risk Modeller are available as a free upgrade to all existing Cadcorp customers on active Maintenance. Customers can request their upgrade here or email