Independent marine data management, publishing and GIS specialist, OceanWise Ltd, has completed phase one of a maritime information infrastructure on behalf of Clydeport.    Press Release, Stevenage, 8 Nov 2012

The project builds on Clydeport's recent investment in GIS software and was targeted at improving data and information management within the Hydrographic and Dredging Department. The project outcomes are already realising tangible benefits and gaining a lot of interest from within the Marine Department as a whole and elsewhere in the port.

OceanWise's work at Clydeport started with an analysis of existing practices and systems that resulted in the preparation of a GIS 'Roadmap' and Spatial and Environmental Data Management System to allow information to be shared and exchanged more easily between different business areas and with external stakeholders. The infrastructure encompasses and complements Clydeport's existing systems, not replacing them. OceanWise's relationship with specialist maritime software and equipment providers allows interfaces to be developed within Cadcorp SIS and Maritime Toolbar, so data can be shared as seamlessly as possible.

At the centre of the infrastructure is Ocean Database installed on Microsoft SQL Server. Cadcorp SIS connects directly to Ocean Database, with additional functionality provided by Maritime Toolbar. Specific workflow requirements were addressed by installing Extensions to Maritime Toolbar for Hydrographic Survey, Dredging and Licensing, and Environmental Samples Management. Further Extensions are available for recording, displaying and maintaining Infrastructure and Assets, such as Navigational Aids, Wrecks and Obstructions, Moorings etc.

Dr Mike Osborne, OceanWise's MD stated, "We are delighted to be working with Clydeport, whose personnel have embraced new and open technologies to improve data sharing and efficiencies across their operations. This is an excellent example where GIS, carefully implemented, can achieve fantastic results". Douglas Hoad, Clydeport's Hydrographic and Dredging Manager, explains, "We already thought GIS could help improve the way we worked with data. However, OceanWise's expertise, industry knowledge and software tools have allowed us to realise these improvements in an incremental way. We look forward to continuing our relationship with OceanWise in the future."

Find out more about OceanWise, Marine GIS and the Clydeport project at our free to attend Maritime Workshop on 20 November 2012 in London. 

About Clydeport – Part of the Peel Ports Group

Peel Ports is Britain's second largest group of ports, strategically located to serve the whole of the United Kingdom. Five major gateways at Liverpool, Manchester Ship Canal, Heysham, Medway and Clydeport handle a broad spectrum of international trade amounting to more than 65 million tonnes of cargo a year. Clydeport is the international gateway to Scotland's industrial heartland, comprising port facilities at Glasgow, Greenock, Hunterston and Ardrossan. Clydeport is also the controlling Port Authority for 450 square miles of the Firth of Clyde.

About OceanWise

OceanWise Ltd is an independent company specialising in all aspects of marine environmental data acquisition, data and knowledge management and GIS. OceanWise personnel have been pioneering the development of marine data and software products for over 15 years, including at Metoc plc (now Intertek Metoc) and the UK Hydrographic Office. This experience has culminated in the design and development of advanced productivity tools to support industry specific information infrastructures. In addition to these tools, OceanWise offers:

Digital Marine Mapping: Raster Charts, Marine Themes and Digital Elevation Model
Environmental Data Management and Publishing (Ocean Database and
GIS and Marine Data Acquisition, Management and Dissemination Advice and Training.

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Maritime Toolbar plus Dredging and Licensing Extension in Cadcorp SIS