A webinar for Local and Central Government departments

21st January 2020 | 11am - 12pm

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Local Authorities deal with a vast number of planning applications, Local Land Charges Register searches, environmental information requests and other location checks. Performing these searches and collating results satisfactorily can overburden resource, time and the services of several departments across the organisation.

Can this task be less labour intensive by being “self-service"? 

This webinar will explore a method that council officers can use for performing spatial searches on a large number of datasets and displaying the results in a formal report including an Ordnance Survey map.

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About the speakers

Demelza Potter
Business Development Manager

Demelza began her career in spatial technology by joining Ordnance Survey after completing an MSc in Management with Strategic Information Systems at the University of Bath. Before joining Cadcorp over twelve years ago, she worked as a GIS consultant to the public sector. At Cadcorp, Demelza works with Central and Local Government organisations to ensure they make the most from their GIS investment. LinkedIn

Ian Usher
Head of PreSales

Ian joined Cadcorp in 2014 having previously managed Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for various UK councils and West Yorkshire Police. Ian is very passionate about GIS and its scope for delivering intelligence to organisations. He is often found giving demos, delivering tutorials and creating videos on getting the most from GIS. LinkedIn