Cadcorp’ s business partner for French-speaking countries – Geomod - has received a significant endorsement for its MITHRA-REM application, based on Cadcorp SIS technology.   Press Release, Stevenage, 15 Dec 2010

Geomod and CSTB  application maps public exposure to electronic waves.

The application for predicting public exposure to electromagnetic waves generated by mobile antennae is now used by four main mobile telecommunications operators in the Brussels region. The application is the latest product in a successful partnership between Geomod and the prestigious French Centre for Scientific and Technical Research in Construction (CSTB), and it builds on earlier collaboration on acoustic modelling.

Geomod’s customer for MITHRA- REM is the Brussels Institute for the Management of Environment and Energy (IBGE-BIM). This regional public administration was given the task of monitoring the exposure of people in the Brussels region to electromagnetic radiation in order to demonstrate that operators applying to build radio masts were meeting national emission standards. Although operators make extensive use of simulation models to predict signal coverage, there has been little requirement for the industry to model exposure to electromagnetic waves. Similarly, regulatory bodies typically have rarely had the tools or expertise to undertake their own impact assessments. With the arrival of MITHRA-REM, that is no longer the case.

MITHRA-REM works by modelling the degree to which different points in space are exposed to electromagnetic waves. It accounts for the fact that waves always travel by the quickest possible route, but bounce off obstacles (by reflection and/or diffraction) with a force that varies from one material to another. Consequently, MITHRA-REM needs precise information about the terrain (buildings, topography, materials, roofs) and the antennae emitting the waves (height, orientation, emission wavelength, precise wave characteristics, etc.).

The use of MITHRA-REM has meant the ending of a two-year freeze on mobile infrastructure projects, because of the absence of reliable information.  IBGE-BIM has enforced a policy in which they have obliged the mobile operators in the Brussels region to run exposure simulations in the preparation of their planning applications, and to forward the results of their simulations to IBGE-BIM. The model results are checked by IBGE-BIM and, once accepted, the reports are made available to local authorities to share with their residents. In return for this commitment to provide modelling outcomes, the regional authority provides operators with a 3D database of the region, against which to carry out their simulations.

The product clearly fills a gap in the market, since no other software of this kind currently exists, as Olivier Vandenbalck discovered when he was evaluating products for IBGE-BIM. He and his team had less than a year to set up an effective monitoring process. After going the rounds of the different simulation software, they opted for MITHRA-REM, which met their specifications and passed the tests with flying colours “despite the newness of the product”.

The value of GIS to the modelling solution is not in doubt, as Claude YVON of Geomod explained. “Cadcorp technology is central to two of the three phases in MITHRA-REM  – namely, the input and management of 3D spatial data (digital terrain models, building contours, emission sources, etc.), and the mapping and communication of simulated outcomes. The open nature of Cadcorp technology has meant that our engineers and those at CSTB have found it a simple task to embed our complex modelling within the GIS platform.”

“It is true that there remains some debate about the real impact of mobile masts on public health” noted Mike O’Neil, CEO of Cadcorp.  “Nevertheless, we are pleased that rather than ignore the issue, the Belgian authorities have decided to share with the general public what information they do have. Cadcorp has a long reputation for supporting information sharing, and we are proud to be involved in this ground-breaking project.”

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