16th Nov 2021 | 11am GMT

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Servicing your Geographic Information System (GIS) is one of those things that can be overlooked. Like any other type of service, having your set-up reviewed highlights potential challenges, and ensures your system is running optimally. Reasons why you should consider a GIS implementation review include:

  1. After the initial implementation of a GIS, your organisation's IT infrastructure may have changed. This can impact the efficiency, speed and responsiveness of the GIS
  2. Having a complete and accurate picture of how the GIS is used in the organisation can highlight challenges in hardware, infrastructure, and security
  3. Identifying specific options within the software, and learning where settings can be adjusted to improve load times and service delivery
  4. External validation including a supplier implementation review report can provide the basis for securing stakeholder approval on upgrades and enhancements
  5. Your organisation wishes to review their GIS infrastructure prior to a potential cloud migration or managed service

Join our webinar to find out what you can expect from a Cadcorp Implementation Review, and how it can help maximise your return on investment and shape your future GIS strategy.

Meet the speakers

Gary Randle
Sales Director

Gary joined Cadcorp nearly 20 years ago after earning a BA (Hons) in Geography and an MSc in GIS. He brought with him an enthusiasm for the Cadcorp Spatial Information System® and its capability for helping organisations maximise their return on investment. He directly managed the Cadcorp relationship with UK emergency services to support their geospatial activities and still does. After managing the company’s business development team for several years, his appointment to Sales Director enables him to further build upon the success of Cadcorp in the geospatial industry. LinkedIn

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