Web mapping and mapping data management for Housing Associations with a portfolio of less than 10,000 properties

Location matters

Managing assets with Cadcorp SIS WebMap

Land, properties, estates, and physical assets all have a location; as do tenants, lettings, repairs, rent arrears, grounds maintenance contracts, and even employees. If you have an address it is a simple matter to map the address to a location on the ground. Social landlords have found that by using geographic information in a digital form they can deliver against their social and financial objectives, in ways which are better, cheaper, and faster.

Size doesn’t matter

Many housing associations could be missing out on the benefits of using geographic information simply because they are unable to justify employing a dedicated mapping expert. Recognising this, Cadcorp offers hosted web mapping for housing associations that manage less than 10,000 properties. For this, the responsibility for managing both map data and web mapping software sits with Cadcorp. The housing association simply subscribes to the service, which includes software, data, and management services. This proposition has proven to be cheaper, faster, and more flexible than an in-house alternative.

How does it work?

Retrieve details on a particular property with Cadcorp SIS WebMapCadcorp provides the housing association with internet access to Cadcorp SIS WebMap, a sophisticated yet easy-to-use off-the-shelf application for presenting and interrogating spatial data. The software is hosted on Microsoft’s secure cloud platform, Microsoft Azure, and our partner, emapsite™, supplies mapping data sourced from Ordnance Survey® – both detailed licenced data and open data. Cadcorp works closely with the association to set up and configure the application and data, and continues to manage the software and data updates on the customer’s behalf. 

How do we meet customer requirements?

We liaise with the housing association during the initial set up, to make sure we understand and meet their requirements. We work with the housing association to manage their business data accessed through web mapping. This can include both static data (typically details about assets) as well as more dynamic data (such as voids, arrears, repairs and instances of anti-social behaviour). Following set up, the association can upload data updates to the system and Cadcorp will manage application and map management.

What can Cadcorp SIS WebMap be used for?

Users of the hosted web mapping service will be able to access all the functionality of SIS WebMap including displaying and navigating maps, querying data hosted on the system, taking measurements, and drawing and printing. SIS WebMap has been designed to run on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices, and is equally at home in the field as it is in the office. Typical Housing applications of SIS WebMap include Grounds Maintenance, Asset Management, Customer Contact Centres and more.

How much does it cost?

The association pays a low cost service subscription fee that includes the initial set up of software and data, application hosting and management and the Ordnance Survey data licence. 

To receive a quote, email info@cadcorp.com with the name of your Housing Association and the size of your current housing stock.  Cadcorp will then calculate the subscription fee based on the amount of mapping data required to cover your housing portfolio.

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