With the Microsoft® Office Fluent™–based user interface

With the release of Cadcorp SIS 7.1, all Cadcorp desktop products – Map Modeller, Map Editor, Map Manager, Map Viewer, Map Reader and Map Browser – were based on the Microsoft® Office Fluent™ user interface.

The Cadcorp SIS user interface has been redesigned and the functionality of the software enhanced. Working with Cadcorp SIS 7.1 (‘SIS 7.1’) is a very similar user experience to that of using Microsoft® Office products. Commands are grouped together in ‘tabs’ containing related functionality, providing a more intuitive, simpler interface than the previous menu and toolbars. Map management is now achieved through an improved ‘Maps’ control bar which presents a single ‘tree’ of overlays, themes and annotations, spatial and non-spatial filtering and data schema information. Users can customise the new interface to meet their own specific workflows using features that include:

  • Tabbed Windows
  • Dockable or Floating Control Bars
  • Customisable Quick Access Toolbar

The end result is a user interface that is more intuitive, easier to learn and use, and more productive.

New cartographic functionality

  • SIS 7.1 users can generate hot-spot grids quickly and easily using the new Kernel Density Estimation (KDE) wizard. This powerful capability is off ered as core functionality within Cadcorp SIS Map Modeller 7.1.
  • Improvements to the quality of cartographic output have been achieved through a combination of new labelling conflict detection methods, the inclusion of a label decluttering algorithm, and new text placement functionality.
  • Existing support for publishing to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) has been extended to include Encapsulated Postscript (EPS), Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and Microsoft® XML Paper Specification (XPS).

Interoperability and productivity

  • SIS 7.1 includes a ‘plug-in’ for Safe Software’s Feature Manipulation Engine (FME®). It provides greater interaction with Safe Software’s set of geospatial tools and lets users include Cadcorp’s proprietary data formats directly in FME workflows.
  • Cadcorp SIS already supports Oracle® Spatial GeoRaster. This latest release adds support PostGIS Raster and RasterLite (raster data stored in an SQLite database).
  • Map drawing performance has been improved through the use of hardware accelerated graphics; with SIS 7.1 using the capabilities of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) where possible.
  • All products in the Cadcorp SIS family are now available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. 64-bit versions have access to vastly larger amounts of system RAM, where installed: up to 192 GB on Microsoft® Windows® 7; and up to 2 TB on Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008 R2 Enterprise.
  • GeognoSIS 7.1 includes a master/slave option. This allows the master GeognoSIS to act as a ‘workload distributor’ for slave processes to perform the tasks involved, thus improving performance and reliability.
  • A metadata management application provided at no additional charge

New web products

Cadcorp has launched a number of new web products to coincide with the SIS 7.1 software release.

Web Map Layers is a sophisticated off-the-shelf application for presenting and interrogating spatial data accessed through an easy to use and familiar style of interface, based on the widely used OpenLayers JavaScript library. It has been designed specifically for organisations wishing to share map-based information over the Internet with a large community of nonexpert users. This information can be considered as comprising a number of map layers, each of which is presented to a browser as an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Map Service (WMS).

Web Map Viewer & Editor are browser-based and off-theshelf applications for corporate use by public and private organisations. Web Map Viewer is the read-only version of the product. It provides a complete, easy-to-use application for viewing, querying, measuring and redlining map-based information by means of a web browser.

Web Map Editor extends the functionality of Web Map Viewer to meet the needs of users who occasionally edit spatial data, but don’t need the advanced editing capabilities of more expensive desktop products. With Web Map Editor a non-expert user can create, edit and delete both the geometry and attributes of spatial data. Web Map Viewer & Editor require Cadcorp’s advanced geospatial web services engine – GeognoSIS. They also requires a copy of Map Manager or above, for administration. The products were previously referred to as GeognoSIS Viewer and Editor

GeognoSIS Express is an entry level map server product provided to meet the demand for web mapping applications that do not require the full range of geoprocessing capabilities offered by Cadcorp’s web mapping engine, GeognoSIS. GeognoSIS Express is available only as a deployment licence providing web service capabilities. It can be used for the following:

  • to provide mapping as a service to third party clients
  • to create multiple GeognoSIS Express instances
  • to serve various OGC web standards (e.g. WMS, WFS)
  • to serve to widely-used tile-based services (e.g. Bing™ and Google)
  • to provide resilience and failover capabilities through clustering
  • to print map images to PDF

Web Map Express has been designed specifically to display and use web services generated from GeognoSIS Express. Like the new Web Map Layers, it provides map view and interrogation controls based on the OpenLayers JavaScript library. Web Map Express offers an easy to use and intuitive interface which can be deployed without any knowledge of map-based application programming. It is a complete web mapping application which can be used as a mapping product in its own right. In addition, application developers can use Web Map Express to embed maps and mapping controls into other web applications. It is extensible and can be developed further using a JavaScript API.

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