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Free GIS and free web mapping software

Cadcorp is committed to technical performance and service excellence. We offer a broad array of resources, two products free of charge.

New to GIS

We provide a bried summary of the benefits that the use of GIS can bring to an organisation. Technical terms are demystified with our useful Cadcorp SIS Glossary of Terms.


Useful industry links are provided for easy reference.

Format support

Cadcorp SIS supports over 160 different data sources from Ordnance Survey to Japanese GSI and EuroNav to Earth Resource Mapping Images. Download the complete list of data sources which can be read directly in their native format without conversion.


Cadcorp provides free GIS and web mapping software for download. In addition, Cadcorp provides a number of mini-applications and productivity enhancement tools which users can download from the Cadcorp Portal.


Download detailed product fact sheets and brochures on Cadcorp SIS.