Download free OGC® web map browser and free desktop GIS software

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Map Browser - A tool which gives the user unrestricted ability to browse Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC®) standard geographic data served on the web, completely free of charge.

Download Map Brower, 32-bit version Download Map Browser, 64-bit version

Map Reader - A free desktop application designed to facilitate data sharing in Cadcorp SIS installations. Map Reader lets you view, query and print map data prepared by other products in the Cadcorp SIS desktop product range - Map Manager, Map Editor and Map Modeller. If you are not an existing Cadcorp SIS user, you can explore the functionality of this entry level product using the test data we provide.

Download Map Reader, Download Map Reader, 64-bit version

All software is supplied 'as is' and is intended for use on supported hardware platforms and operating systems. See legal notices.