Data formats supported

Spatial data sharing without data translation

Cadcorp has unrivalled capabilities to allow organisations to share spatial data between systems and between people.

Cadcorp SIS has the ability to directly read and display over 160 (write to over 45) GIS, CAD, graphic and database formats without the need for translation. Supported formats include ESRI Shape, MapInfo TAB and MIF/MID, OGC GML, GeoRSS, AutoCAD DXF/DWG, MicroStation DGN, OS MasterMap, MrSID, ECW and KML. Any ODBC, DAO or ADO compliant database or file format is supported including Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel.

Direct database support for spatial databases includes Oracle 9i, 10g and 11g; PostGIS; SQL Server 2008; ESRI ArcSDE; ESRI Personal GeoDatabase and Intergraph GeoMedia Access Warehouse without the need to purchase additional middleware.

As a result, end user organisations benefit from:

  • higher levels of data interoperability
  • easier integration of legacy data,
  • improved productivity by avoiding data translation.


Additionally Cadcorp business partners have developed support for additional file formats not listed here.