Web Map Viewer & Editor

Intranet GIS and web mapping

Web Map Viewer & Editor are browser-based and off-the-shelf applications for corporate use by public and private organisations. Web Map Viewer is the read-only version of the product. It provides an easy-to-use application for viewing, querying, measuring and redlining map-based information through a web browser. Web Map Editor extends the functionality of Web Map Viewer to meet the needs of users who occasionally edit spatial data, but don’t need the advanced editing capabilities of more expensive desktop products. With Web Map Editor a non-expert user can create, edit and delete both the geometry and attributes of spatial data.

Web Map Viewer provides the following functionality to the browser, out-of the-box:


Web Map Editor provides all of the functionality of Web Map Viewer, plus:


Cadcorp SIS web GIS and web mapping products include: