Metadata in Cadcorp SIS

Supporting spatial data sharing

Metadata provides valuable information about data which an organisation may hold or access. Knowing where to find data and what it consists of, is a precondition for greater data sharing. Cadcorp provides powerful tools for the creation and management of such a metadata repository: tools which support both the publication and consumption of spatial data.

A standards based architecture
Cadcorp holds metadata in a centralised repository on a geospatial server - GeognoSIS. The repository is accessed through the Open Geospatial Consortium Catalog Server (Web) interface - usually abbreviated to OGC CS-W . This is recognised as the preferred interface for an open and accessible metadata repository, providing a published query and update interface which is accessible through the web.

Users can create, search, view, edit, import and export metadata from any Cadcorp SIS desktop production the network (Map Manager, Map Editor, and Map Modeller). They can also search the repository from a web browser, using OpenSearch . All of the following commands are available to the Cadcorp SIS desktop user, and some are context-sensitive:

Access control
It is up to the GeognoSIS Administrator to control which users have access to commands which have the capacity to change to the metadata repository: Harvest, Import, Administration, Create, and Edit. The GeognoSIS Administrator accomplishes this by setting Windows Security on the GeognoSIS CS-W instance.