Map Reader

Free GIS and free mapping software

Cadcorp SIS Map Reader is a free desktop application designed to facilitate data sharing in Cadcorp SIS installations. If you not an existing Cadcorp SIS user, you can explore the functionality of this entry level product using the test data we provide.

The strength of Map Reader lies in its ability to view, query, and print over 160 formats that are open to Cadcorp SIS as long as they reside within a Published Window Definition (PWD). A PWD is an assembled view of one or more datasets. PWDs can be generated by the Cadcorp SIS Map Manager, Map Editor and Map Modeller products.

The combination of PWDs and Map Reader provide organisations with a free method of distributing and viewing GIS data.

If you need more sophisticated viewing of geographic data check out the additional capabilities of Map Viewer.

Cadcorp also offers a free web map browsing product, Map Browser. This allows users to browse Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.® (OGC) standard geographic data served on the web, completely free of charge.

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