Map Browser

Free OGC®WMS and WFS viewer

Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.® (OGC) web interface standards now make it possible to provide common access to disparate geographic information served via the internet. Cadcorp’s free GIS software product - Map Browser - underlines our commitment to the development of software including OGC standards and specifications.

Map Browser enables you to view and query data served using OGC Web Map Server (WMS), Web Feature Server (WFS) and Web Coverage Server (WCS) specifications, create thematic maps, print out your maps and even save maps for future browsing as an Open Window Definition (OWD).

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32-bit version
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WMS serves raster versions of maps to the client, whilst WFS serves vector versions. It is possible for the same web server to be configured to serve both WMS and WFS. The data format(s) which expresses and controls the transaction between server and client is Geographic Markup Language (GML) 2.1.2 and Web Map Context XML data sources.

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