productsDeveloper kits

For standalone and desktop GIS and web mapping

Cadcorp software developer kits provide developers with access to the complete range of Cadcorp SIS functionality via a comprehensive API. The developer kits can be used to develop standalone & desktop applications, web mapping applications and to integrate with, or geo-enable, third party software products.

Cadcorp SIS developer kits comprise:


Image: vehicle location

ActiveX based applications are developed and tested using either the SDK or EDK, and deployed using ActiveX Viewer, ActiveX Manager or ActiveX Modeller licences. These three products largely mirror the functional capabilities of their desktop namesakes; Map Viewer, Map Manager and Map Modeller.

Web based GIS and web mapping applications are developed, tested and deployed using Cadcorp GeognoSIS component of the EDK. A variety of development environments is supported including: ASP.NET/IIS, JSP/Tomcat, JSP/Oracle Application Server, PHP/Apache, and Adobe Flex.