Browser-based and off-the-shelf applications for corporate use by public and private organisations

Web Map Viewer and Editor meet the needs of organisations which require more control over the display and manipulation of spatial data than is provided by web map publishing solutions. They provide a cost-effective solution to the situation where 80% of corporate GIS users require only 20% of GI functionality to do their job.

Web Map Viewer is the read-only version of the product. It provides a complete, easy-to-use and off-the-shelf application for viewing, querying, measuring and redlining map-based information by means of a web browser.

Web Map Editor extends the functionality of Web Map Viewer to meet the needs of users who occasionally edit spatial data, but don’t need the advanced editing capabilities of desktop products. With Web Map Editor a non-expert user can create, edit and delete both the geometry and attributes of spatial data.

Web Map Viewer & Editor when combined with other products in the Cadcorp SIS family comprise all the components required for an intranet GIS and web mapping solution: a browser-based application, a geospatial web services engine (GeognoSIS), and administrator software (Map Manager).

Web Map Viewer

Web Map Viewer provides the following functionality to the browser, out-of the-box:

customisable information/loading screen with a map frame               main map window with optional watermark/copyright text                     
key map navigation controls
overlay controls data extract
interface options measurement tools
redlining printing
gazetteer – via Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or PostGIS querying, including customisable map tips
styling for user drawn graphics user security and access control
extensible user interface configurable user controls
overlay access  

Web Map Editor

Web Map Editor provides all of the functionality of Web Map Viewer, plus:

data construction based on the current overlay                                         geometry creation and edit (New, Edit, Delete)                                  
attribute creation and edit  

The benefits

  • Web Map Viewer and Editor offer cost effective ways for an organisation to unlock its investment in spatial information by making information available for viewing and editing by any employee with access to a web browser.
  • Although Web Map Viewer & Editor are off the shelf applications, they are nonetheless configurable without coding.
  • They are simple to use and simple to deploy.
  • Cost-effective and can be used to replace desktop solutions.