For organisations wishing to share map-based information with a large community of non-expert users

Web Map Layers is a sophisticated but easy to use off-the-shelf application for Internet mapping. It provides advanced capabilities for presenting and interrogating spatial data, accessed through a familiar style of interface.This data can be considered as comprising a number of map layers, each of which is presented to a browser as a Web Map Service (WMS). Some map layers will be the property of the organisation itself, representing its own business data. Other layers will originate from outside the organisation, and may be the product of a national mapping agency for example.

Such WMS layers may be consumed directly from source, or managed by the application. Where attribute data exists, the layer can be considered as ‘intelligent’ and there may be a requirement to query that intelligence through the browser-based map interface.

The application

Web Map Layers offers a combination of generic viewing and interrogation capabilities out-of-the box. These include the following:

  • Map window controls. Watermark, copyright, key map, coordinate tracking, scale bar, zoom scale select, bookmarks, overlay controls requiring integration with third party products
  • Navigation. Interactive mouse navigation, step zoom, zoom box, zoom extents, line and area measurement, information button
  • Printing. Print directly to local printer and add notes
  • Gazetteer. Generic – based on Access, SQL Server, Oracle, or PostGIS; specific – requiring integration with third party products
  • Redlining. Annotation, lines, polygons, symbols

The geospatial web services engine

Underpinning Web Map Layers is an advanced geospatial web services engine, GeognoSIS. This is capable of supporting both web mapping and more complex web GIS.

Geospatial web services

Organisations are free to add additional functionality to Web Map Layers by writing their own web services. Cadcorp also offers a number of generic web services, which Web Map Layers is ready to hook into. These include:

  • Local Knowledge. Identifies the polygons which intersect with, or contain, a property address or location. Identifies features located within a defined buffer distance of a specified address or location
  • Spatial query. Creates custom queries based on existing feature geometry or user-defined polygons

Local Knowledge. Web Map Layers 8.0


Cadcorp also provides administrators with a powerful and user-friendly means of loading and manipulating spatial data, controlling the information displayed in the browser, and controlling access to that data. This is achieved through the Map Manager, Map Editor, or Map Modeller desktop products.

The benefits

Many organisations – public and private – are recognising the benefits of using internet mapping as an important channel of communication with the public. Web Map Layers provides a solution which goes beyond simple web map publishing, by offering the following:

  • an easy to use application with a familiar look-and-feel
  • the ability to integrate diverse data sources using industrystandard data formats
  • an extended ability to interrogate intelligent maps, not found in web map publishing systems
  • an infrastructure that can be deployed to drive other services and applications, at no additional licensing cost