Designed specifically for web mapping applications which do not involve extensive spatial analysis

Web Map Express has been designed for public and private sector organisations which require the familiar look of widely-used web mapping services, but which need to be independent of the map data bundled with these services. It offers an extensible and cost effective alternative to commercially available hosted web mapping services, without the requirement to surrender control over cartography and administration.

There are two components to the application: a website, Web Map Express; and a map server, GeognoSIS Express.

How it can be used

The application meets the needs of end-users, application developers, and systems integrators alike. Web Map Express can be used as a complete and interactive mapping application. Alternatively it can be used as a component of a larger web application. A common use of Web Map Express in this latter role is to provide mapping capability to a web site. Visitors to such a web site are provided with a map showing the location of a point of interest against a defined map background. Such a map is generated on demand by passing to Web Map Express a URL with parameters describing the location and representation of the point of interest, and the map view. With Web Map Express, organisations may consume any Web Map Service (WMS) data source. This can include their own mapping data served by Cadcorp’s web map publishing system – GeognoSIS Express – as well as WMS data feeds from other sources.

Its composition

Web Map Express is built upon the open source JavaScript library, OpenLayers. This is a mature and established open source product, which has been enhanced by Cadcorp to provide additional flexibility, security, and control. By surrounding it with a .NET wrapper, the need for administrators to use JavaScript to manage the functionality of the application has been removed. Nevertheless, competent web developers can also customise Web Map Express using JavaScript and OpenLayers API, and they can insert their custom code directly into .aspx pages.

Web Map Express offers the following capabilities:

Mapping functionality

Map window, including watermarking and copyright text display             Key map
Coordinate cursor tracking Line and area measurement                                                                 
Information button Overlay controls


Interactive zoom and pan                                                              Previous and next view
Bookmarks to defined locations                                                             URL navigation using parameters                                                       


Print pages Ability to add notes         
Print direct to local printer  


Generic gazetteer: supporting Access, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle and PostGIS databases Support for: number/name, street, town and postcode fields                                               


A systems administrator can configure Web Map Express to specify the following:

Bookmark names and locations Gazetteer definitions                  
Projection used

Pen and brush styles

Pen and brush styles View scales
Watermark and copyright details Spatial data extent
WMS map data sources Cadcorp Tile Services