GeognoSIS makes the wide-ranging functionality of Cadcorp SIS available over the web for interactive mapping applications; or over a corporate intranet or extranet for the enterprise-wide deployment of GIS applications and data.

GeognoSIS is a Windows Service, and brings geospatial capabilities to any application which is SOAP-compliant. It can be used for both web mapping and web GIS. In its web mapping role GeognoSIS is certified to act as a standalone Open Geospatial Consortium Web Map Service (WMS) or Web Feature Service (WFS). GeognoSIS can also act as a service to other systems such as bingTM and GoogleTM. For more advanced applications, which typically involve spatial querying and editing, GeognoSIS behaves as a web GIS engine, providing shared access to geospatial methods which would otherwise be replicated on standalone and desktop GIS platforms. Web applications powered by GeognoSIS can be deployed on an intranet, an extranet or over the internet.

GeognoSIS provides the following:

  • a cost effective development capability coupled with scalable deployment licensing
  • a comprehensive API which gives access to the power of Cadcorp SIS, from simple spatial queries to complex GIS analysis
  • the ability to interact with Cadcorp project data through this API
  • direct reading of GIS, CAD, raster and database data sources so that no data translation is necessary, saving time and money
  • a familiar development environment with no new proprietary languages to learn. (It shares the same software methods as the rest of the Cadcorp SIS family.)
  • a flexible deployment capability ideal for distributed applications running in multi-processor, multi-server environments

Where the requirement is simply to provide read-only Web Services, this can be met using the low-cost alternative, GeognoSIS Express.