Press release archive - Year 2000

OpenGIS adopt Cadcorp proposal for Coordinate Transformation

Mexico’s state oil company selects Cadcorp SIS for its digital mapping/GIS requirements

Medway clinches prestigious AGI local government award for GISMO, (Cadcorp SIS based Web-GIS)

Port Stephens Council (Australia) selects Cadcorp SIS

French National Mapping Agency opts for Cadcorp SIS to maintain UK maps

Cadcorp describes use of GIS in crime-fighting at Venezuelan conference hosted by Amnesty International and Foreign Office

Brighton and Hove Council selects Cadcorp SIS software as basis for its corporate GIS

Medway Council rolls out 'GIS for Medway Online' (GISMO) to 2000+ desktops over corporate intranet

North Sydney Council Selects Cadcorp SIS

Cadcorp gains acceptance for its Open GIS Coordinate Transformation Services Specification

Redditch Borough Council rolls out integrated GIS/CAD system based on Cadcorp SIS software

Lane Cove Council (Australia) purchase Cadcorp SIS

North Norfolk District Council realises benefits of corporate GIS built on Cadcorp SIS software