12 November 2012 • For immediate release

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Cadcorp Announces Partnership with Marvel Geospatial Solutions for Indian GIS market

Mr. Raghavendra Goud Boyapally, Managing Director of Marvel Geospatial Cadcorp training at Marvel Geospatial.

British developer of geographic information systems (GIS) software, Cadcorp, has formed a partnership with the Indian geomatics specialist, Marvel Geospatial Solutions Pvt Ltd (MGS). The company will resell Cadcorp Spatial Information System® (Cadcorp SIS®) products, develop applications based on Cadcorp SIS technology, and deploy Cadcorp SIS in their own geospatial projects.

Mr. RaghavendraGoudBoyapally, Managing Director of Marvel Geospatial explained his company’s interest in Cadcorp and its Spatial Information System software suite. “Marvel Geospatial offers a full suite of geospatial services, ranging from terrestrial and aerial surveying, through to mapping, and GIS application development and integration. Our clients include federal and state agencies, oil and gas companies, telecommunications and electricity providers, and other private enterprises requiring geospatial services. This combination – a range of services, for a range of customers – means that we cannot rely on just one GIS technology. In fact we work with some 18 different GIS technologies.”

“We have found in Cadcorp SIS”, continued Mr. Boyapally, “a level of versatility and openness rarely found in many geospatial products. This quality will enable us to deploy the technology in a variety of situations, for both power users and everyday users alike. We also recognise the value of Cadcorp SIS’ ability to coexist with other GIS and CAD systems. This will be extremely beneficial given the multiplicity of GIS platforms and technologies that are in use both in our organization, and by the customers we serve.”

Mike O’Neil, CEO of Cadcorp said: “We are committed in Cadcorp to the continued development of a GIS platform and technology suite that supports the full range of geospatial processing from data capture and editing through to mapping, analysis, and the distribution of spatial data. It is encouraging to find a partner that shares the same commitment to end-to-end geospatial solutions but from a services perspective.”

About Marvel Geospatial Solutions Pvt Ltd

Marvel Geospatial Solutions Pvt Ltd (MGS) is based in Hyderabad, India and has offices in Australia, Africa and the USA. MGS provides Geospatial Technology Solutions and Data Management, Photogrammetry, LIDAR, Surveying and Training Services. MGS is committed to maintaining a partnership with their clients and building new business development initiatives by delivering customised, high-quality solutions in an affordable and timely manner.

For more information about Marvel Geospatial visit www.marvelgeospatial.com/

Richard Spooner, Marketing Manager, Cadcorp, +44 1438 747996
E-mail: richard.spooner@cadcorp.com

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