Locally Listed Buildings in the District can now be identified online on St Albans City and District Council's map-based information website, known as the Local Information Service.    Press Release, St. Albans, 22 May 2012

A Locally Listed Building is a property which the Council has identified as making a positive contribution to the character or appearance of the conservation area where it is located. Local Listing is different from the national Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest designated by English Heritage. Locally listed buildings do not have the same level of protection as nationally Listed Buildings.

Developers and residents will now be able to find out quickly whether a property is a Locally Listed Building or not by going to the Local Information Service at gis.stalbans.gov.uk/wmlcustomerservice/

The Local Information Service can also be found on the homepage of the Council's website at www.stalbans.gov.uk by following the link under "Where you live".

Once you have located your area of interest by entering a postcode or address, Locally Listed Buildings can be found by searching under Planning Constraints in the map layers section.

By using the map layers you can access a raft of local information including all planning applications submitted from 1977 to date.

Councillor Teresa Heritage, Portfolio Holder for Planning and Conservation for the Council said: "As part of the review of how the Planning Department delivers its services to the public, I learned that residents were finding it difficult to identify whether their homes were locally listed. By adding Locally Listed Buildings to the online Local Information Service hopefully identification will be made easier for both residents and developers. It is just one of the many improvements that are being made to the Council's Planning Service to make it more customer-focused and shows that the Council is listening.

"We have also recently extended the hours of our telephone advice service and are reviewing the planning pages on the Council's website and our written literature to help customers understand the planning process."

If you have any ideas on new information that could be included on the Local Information Service or have any views about how to improve the website, please contact the Geographical Information Team on 01727 819324 or email gis@stalbans.gov.uk

Member contact:
Cllr Teresa Heritage, Portfolio Holder for Planning and Conservation for St Albans City and District Council
Tel: 01582 761014

Contact for the press:
Amanda Wilkinson, Media and Internal Communications Officer
St Albans City and District Council
Tel: 01727 819317
E-mail: amanda.wilkinson@stalbans.gov.uk

Local Listing does not affect the rules that cover when changes to a property need planning permission. However, because Locally Listed Buildings are deemed to make a positive contribution to their surroundings, the Council would normally refuse permission for demolition. When considering other planning proposals, the Council would seek to preserve any interesting (external) architectural features if their loss would not preserve the character or appearance of the area.

More information about Locally Listed Buildings is available at: www.stalbans.gov.uk/environment-and-planning/planning/conservation/conservation-areas.aspx and under Policy 87 of the District Local Plan Review at: www.stalbans.gov.uk/environment-and-planning/planning/Local%20Plans/StAlbans/chapter9fr.html