Digital mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) software developer Cadcorp will demonstrate and launch the latest versions of its Internet/intranet-based GIS, GeognoSIS.NET™ Version 6.3, mobile GIS software, mSIS® – mobile Spatial Information System® Version 6.2 and the new Cadcorp SIS OS MasterMap® Integrated Transport Network™ (ITN) Manager product at the AGI2006 conference and exhibition being held at the Business Design Centre in London on 12-14 September. Press Release, Stevenage, UK, 1 August, 2006

Cadcorp to launch latest versions of its Internet/intranet-based and mobile GIS software, and new OS MasterMap ITN Manager product, at AGI2006.

New and enhanced features introduced for GeognoSIS.NET and mSIS – mobile Spatial Information System.

Digital mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) software developer Cadcorp will demonstrate and launch the latest versions of its Internet/intranet-based GIS, GeognoSIS.NET™ Version 6.3, mobile GIS software, mSIS® – mobile Spatial Information System® Version 6.2 and the new Cadcorp SIS OS MasterMap® Integrated Transport Network™ (ITN) Manager product at the AGI2006 conference and exhibition being held at the Business Design Centre in London on 12-14 September.

GeognoSIS.NET Version 6.3, mSIS Version 6.2 and the Cadcorp SIS OS MasterMap ITN Manager are scheduled to begin shipping in early October.

Improved scalability and performance

Version 6.3 of GeognoSIS.NET, Cadcorp’s web-based GIS, provides improved scalability and performance through a number of new features. These are designed to appeal mainly to application developers and system administrators and include stored procedures, improved multi-threading, clustering, map and formula caching and support for ‘processor affinity’.

Stored procedures allow developers to enhance the GeognoSIS.NET API by adding their own procedures and types, and to improve application performance by reducing network traffic. Application performance is also improved by more aggressive multi-threading capabilities, resulting in a more efficient use of processor resources.

With Version 6.3, the GeognoSIS.NET Manager can now create ‘clusters’ of GeognoSIS.NET instances across different machines, and is able to manage the configuration of all instances within the cluster simultaneously. This greatly simplifies the system administration of multiple GeognoSIS.NET instances that, when used with a load balancer, enable large numbers of users to take advantage of a GeognoSIS.NET application.

Further performance improvements come from the new map and formula caching capabilities in Version 6.3. The new map cache allows web developers to deploy fast, tile-based applications, for example including dynamic panning. The formula cache enables GeognoSIS.NET to store the results of complex calculations such as spatial overlaps, and to recalculate them only when necessary, often leading to dramatic performance improvements. Meanwhile, the support for ‘processor affinity’ enables a system administrator to allocate a GeognoSIS.NET process to be run on a particular processor, or set of processors in a multi-processor machine, further improving performance by spreading server load.

Enhanced data access and interoperability

Cadcorp SIS has always enabled easy data access and data interoperability. Version 6.3 of GeognoSIS.NET continues this by providing wider support for Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc™ (OGC™) web services and adding support for several new data formats. New functionality in Version 6.3 includes an OGC Catalogue Service for the Web (CS-W) server implementation to match the client implementation already in Version 6.2. The OGC Web Feature Service (WFS) server implementation has been extended to enable the serving of OS MasterMap Topography Layer data in its native XML Schema (GB only), further enhancing interoperability.

New data formats supported via cursor-based Datasets with Version 6.3 include ESRI Personal GeoDatabase and MapInfo TAB, to provide fast access to large datasets. Meanwhile, the Plug-in for ESRI ArcIMS now includes Mapdex searching to provide on-line access to the global index of more than 600,000 ESRI ArcIMS Layers. Other new formats supported via Plug-ins, all of which will be available for free download on the Cadcorp web site, include:

  • GeoRSS (Simple and GML encodings, import and export)
  • GML 3.1.1 (export)
  • GPX
  • Gridded Binary (GRIB)
  • MIDAS XML (GB only)
  • NASA World Wind
  • SIA dataMap Export Format

These Plug-ins are fully compatible with the current release of Cadcorp SIS® – Spatial Information System®, Version 6.2.

Also, PDF support has also been enhanced in GeognoSIS.NET Version 6.3, with font embedding, hierarchical PDF layers for SIS Overlays within Photos, and feature property exporting.

Additional capabilities for mSIS

New features introduced with Version 6.2 of Cadcorp mSIS – mobile Spatial Information System include support for a wider range of data types and improved project management facilities.

Cadcorp mSIS is an easy-to-use data capture application for the Pocket PC platform. It is supplied in two parts: a desktop-based project management package, mSIS Office; and the Pocket PC-based data capture software, mSIS Mobile. It already supports a number of file formats, including Cadcorp SDS and ESRI Shape, plus various raster formats including ECW, GeoTIFF, TIFF, BMP, GIF and JPEG. Newly-supported formats include MapInfo TAB and OS MasterMap via OS MasterMap Database “ODB” files.

For the project manager, mSIS offers the capability to define and control projects effectively from his/her desktop PC using mSIS Office. The ease of performing typical project management tasks, such as choosing the right base map data and configuring the appearance of overlays, has been improved in the latest version with the introduction of an integrated XML Schema Editor. This is an easy-to-use ‘logic tree’ that allows rapid development of bespoke data capture ‘projects’.

New Cadcorp SIS OS MasterMap ITN Manager (GB only)

Also being introduced at the same time as GeognoSIS.NET Version 6.3 and mSIS Version 6.2 is the Cadcorp SIS OS MasterMap ITN Manager. This is a new, stand-alone product based on the Cadcorp SIS Control and is designed to load initial supply of OS MasterMap ITN data into a link and node network in a Cadcorp file format, maintaining the topological link/node relationships. Delivered with Map Modeller at no extra cost, the product provides the user with options to prepare the data for use with the Cadcorp SIS route-finding tools. These options include:

Apply Road Routing Information (RRI) to the network, e.g. no entry, one way, mandatory turn etc;
Globally apply ‘no U-Turns’ to the network to prevent route-finding from doubling back down a link;
Transfer road names onto the network so that each link contains road name information.

The Cadcorp SIS OS MasterMap ITN Manager is intended to support route planning applications across a wide range of sectors such as planning, monitoring and analysis, asset management, and transport, logistics and distribution.

Commenting on some of new capabilities in Cadcorp’s latest software, Gavin Jackman, senior product manager – ITN, Ordnance Survey, stated, “The ability of GeognoSIS.NET to serve OS MasterMap data via the OGC WFS interface in the native OS GML application schema - arguably the most widely supported GML application schema in the world – takes GIS data access and interoperability to a new level. We applaud the company’s continuing commitment to improving data interoperability and support for migration to and adoption of OS MasterMap.”

“Further, the new Cadcorp SIS OS MasterMap ITN Manager application will enable organisations involved in route planning to fully reap the benefits of using OS MasterMap for their base mapping”, he added.

"By providing these improvements in the overall performance and functionality of GeognoSIS.NET and mSIS, we are continuing the Cadcorp tradition of delivering the latest fully interoperable GIS products that our customers need in order to better meet their own particular business requirements," commented Mike O'Neil, managing director, Cadcorp. "In addition," he said, "the new OS MasterMap ITN Manager will open up new opportunities for us in transport-related markets."

Cadcorp at AGI2006

Cadcorp will be demonstrating its latest developments on stand number 9 in the exhibition hall at AGI 2006. Cadcorp will also be joined on their stand by representatives of the OGC who will be on hand to discuss all aspects of OpenGIS®. AGI2006 conference presentations by Cadcorp customers and business partners include:

“Deploying GIS-based risk planning, operational planning and resources management” by Ray Hooper, GIS manager, London Fire Brigade;
“SMS in rural areas – improving the planning consultation process” by Pierre Morel, e-government programme manager, West Devon Borough Council;
“Implementation of GIS-based street works coordination” by Mike Bartlett, chief solutions architect, Symology Ltd.

Cadcorp technical staff will also be running a session within the AGI2006 Solutions Centre entitled; “A practical introduction to using OGC compliant web mapping services.”

About Cadcorp

Established in 1991, Cadcorp is a leading UK developer of digital mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) software. With offices in the UK, USA and Australia, Cadcorp's distribution and VAR network stretches worldwide. The company also plays a pivotal technical role in the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.™ (OGC™).

The Cadcorp SIS - Spatial Information System product range is fully integrated digital mapping and GIS software that uses OGC certified compliant interfaces. Cadcorp technical director Martin Daly is an OGC Gardels Medal holder for his contribution to the OGC. Cadcorp is an ISO9001:2000 certified company, an Ordnance Survey Licenced Partner and holds a UK government Catalist S-CAT agreement for category 15, GIS Software.

Cadcorp SIS applications exist in local government, central government, emergency services, insurance, oil & natural gas, mapping and surveying, commerce, utilities and many other markets.


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