Cadcorp SIS Version 6.2 introduces new and enhanced features to further information sharing, enterprise integration, ease of use and productivity.    Press Release, Stevenage, 14 Sep 2005

Leading UK digital mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) software developer Cadcorp has announced the latest version of the Cadcorp SIS – Spatial Information System software suite, Cadcorp SIS Version 6.2. This latest version of Cadcorp SIS introduces many new and enhanced features designed to enable organisations to realise efficiency gains from increased productivity, improved information sharing and customer self-service.

The ability to directly read almost 150 native GIS, CAD, graphic and database formats without translation enables organisations to maximise their investment in existing data by integrating disparate data types including data from legacy systems. Wider support for Open Geospatial Consortium® (OGC) Web services extends interoperability and information exchange across the enterprise via certified OGC compliant interfaces. The ability to integrate Cadcorp SIS into the enterprise has been enhanced with direct support for the latest spatial database technology without the need to purchase additional middleware, and improved database transaction and query support. Cadcorp SIS is now easier to use with numerous enhancements to the user interface and to map navigation. This includes the ability to quickly find and retrieve OGC services via a Google™ OGC Web service search Wizard. The release also provides advanced GIS functionality such as viewshed and terrain analysis, integrated GPS (Global Positioning System) support and advanced GIS data buffering, all at no additional cost. Finally, a new version of Cadcorp SIS OS MasterMap Manager minimises the investment required in database server technology and resources to manage OS MasterMap, and is delivered with Cadcorp SIS Map Modeller at no extra cost (GB only).

“As a long-standing and active member of the OGC, Cadcorp is at the forefront of the efforts being made in the industry to improve GIS interoperability”, said Dr. Carl Reed, chief technology officer, Open Geospatial Consortium. “With this latest version of the Cadcorp SIS software suite, the company continues its tradition of including functionality that enables interoperability and data sharing at a number of levels, bringing the aim of full interoperability one step closer.”

Cadcorp SIS Version 6.2 is scheduled to begin shipping early October.

Across-the-board improvements

The new and enhanced capabilities introduced with Version 6.2 apply to the full range of Cadcorp’s digital mapping/GIS software products, i.e. the Cadcorp SIS desktop software suite, Cadcorp GeognoSIS.NET, which extends the use of Cadcorp SIS for use over the Internet or a corporate intranet, and the Cadcorp SIS Control which enables third parties to develop customised GIS applications. Some of the more significant new features – and their benefits – include:

Increased format support
Cadcorp SIS has always had the ability, as standard, to directly read and display a wide range of native GIS, CAD, graphic and database formats on-the-fly, without translation. With Version 6.2 the number of formats supported has increased to almost 150. Several new vector formats are now supported, including AutoCAD DXF/DWG 2004+ and ESRI ArcIMS Feature Service. In addition, support for many new raster formats has been added, including Bentley Geographics HMR, ESRI ArcIMS Image Service, and EXIF (EXchangeable Image Format) for GPS referenced images. Direct support has also been added for the following new databases: ESRI ArcSDE, ESRI Personal GeoDatabase, Intergraph GeoMedia Access Warehouse, Oracle 10g GeoRaster, Oracle 10g Network Model and PostGIS.

This increased format support will further help users maximise their existing investments in data by improving data exchange, integrating disparate data types and avoiding data translation and duplication.

Database access and support
Cadcorp SIS includes a wide range of options for direct access to data stored in spatially-enabled databases. With Version 6.2, these options are consolidated into a dedicated spatial database Overlay Wizard, with database options including ESRI ArcSDE, Oracle 9i or 10g, Oracle 10g GeoRaster, Oracle 10g Network Model, OGC SQL 92, and PostGIS. Version 6.2 of Cadcorp SIS also provides full access to database transaction functionality, enabling users of databases to decide whether or not changes made during an edit session should be committed to the database.

The enhanced and easy-to-use direct access to data stored in databases enables organisations to leverage their investments in leading database technology without the need for costly additional middleware and database management resources.

Enhanced Web services support
Cadcorp SIS already includes a wide range of interfaces to OGC-specified data sources, including Web Map Services (WMS), Web Feature Services (WFS), Web Map Context Documents, Geography Markup Language (GML) and SQL 92 databases. Version 6.2 of Cadcorp SIS adds OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS) and Catalogue Services (CS-W) client support. Cadcorp SIS V6.2 also introduces a Google OGC Web service search Wizard. Developed using the Google Web APIs (application programming interface), this Wizard enables Cadcorp SIS desktop users to access Google’s search facilities directly from within the Cadcorp SIS environment.

As well as enabling users to quickly find and retrieve OGC services and data relevant to business use with easy-to-use and intuitive tools, the wider support for OGC Web services enables organisations to maximise interoperability within and between organisations.

GPS support
With Cadcorp SIS V6.2, GPS (Global Positioning System) support is included at no extra cost. The built-in support for GPS devices includes functionality for connecting to a GPS, saving and replaying logs of GPS NMEA strings, constructing data from GPS positions, inserting the GPS position into any command waiting for a position and a GPSView Workspace Window tab that includes a GPS ‘skyplot’. The integrated GPS support enables mobile, GIS-based asset/facilities management, exploiting the use of field-based Tablet PCs with integrated or add-on GPS.

Advanced GIS functionality
New and enhanced facilities for performing a number of advanced digital mapping/GIS tasks are included in Cadcorp SIS V6.2, again at no extra cost. These include:

  • Viewshed and terrain analysis. Viewshed analysis provides line-of-sight facilities that can be used to determine all areas that are visible from a certain location, based on DTM (digital terrain model) data. In addition, grid functionality is provided to support slope, aspect and gradient analysis.
  • Geometric data processing. Cadcorp SIS V6.2 extends users ability to easily select and display geometric data in a variety of ways. For example, creating a new area that includes the original area, plus a buffer around that area, or creating a new area that includes only a buffer on both sides of the original area boundary. Together with further geometric data processing options, these facilities enable faster and more accurate geometric data processing and data capture.
  • Geodetic enhancements. An enhanced geodetic buffer function in Cadcorp SIS V6.2 creates a buffer around selected geometries (points, lines or areas) using linear units, e.g. kilometres, and in calculating it, takes the geodetic datum, such as WGS84, into account. Great Circle Line calculations have also been enhanced to give greater accuracy.

Managing Ordnance Survey (Great Britain) MasterMap
For Cadcorp SIS users in Great Britain, Version 6.2 introduces the OS MasterMap Database – a relational database that is encapsulated in a single ‘ODB’ file and that can handle anything from a single OS MasterMap ‘chunk’ right up to national coverage. ODB files are an integral part of the Cadcorp SIS OS MasterMap Manager product and will be of benefit to users who want to use OS MasterMap data without having to invest in database server technology and management resources, and for remote or mobile users. Updated at Cadcorp SIS V6.2, Cadcorp OS MasterMap Manager is delivered with the Cadcorp SIS Map Modeller module at no extra cost (GB only).

Map output and navigation
For wider, secure and cost-effective distribution of GIS data within and between organisations via the de facto document transfer standard of Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), new PDF export options introduced with Cadcorp SIS V6.2 include the ability to export layers that can be shown or hidden by Adobe Reader or Adobe Illustrator.

Also included are many enhancements to map navigation, such as: Keyhole – which enables the user to select the overlay to be viewed beneath the current map overlay and through a ‘keyhole’, Rocket – the map window will gradually zoom out and then zoom in back to its original position, and Bungee – the map window will gradually zoom in and then zoom out back to its original position. Together with several user interface enhancements, these new features provide improved ease-of-use, faster map navigation and improved productivity.

“This latest version of Cadcorp SIS has been developed with the aim of enabling organisations to maximise efficiency, improve information sharing, enhance enterprise integration and increase productivity”, said Mike O’Neil, managing director, Cadcorp. “We believe it provides even better value than before and, at the same time, we have made it even easier to use than its predecessors.”

About Cadcorp

Established in 1991, Cadcorp is a leading UK developer of digital mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) software. With offices in the UK, USA and Australia, Cadcorp's distribution and VAR network stretches worldwide. The company also plays a pivotal technical role in the Open Geospatial Consortium. Inc ® (OGC).

The Cadcorp SIS - Spatial Information System - product range is fully integrated digital mapping and GIS software that uses OGC® certified compliant interfaces. Cadcorp technical director Martin Daly is an OGC Gardels Medal holder for his contribution to the OGC. Cadcorp is an ISO9001:2000 certified company, an Ordnance Survey Licenced Partner and holds a UK government S-CAT agreement for category 15, GIS Software.

Cadcorp SIS applications exist in local government, central government, emergency services, insurance, oil & natural gas, mapping and surveying, commerce, utilities and many other markets.


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