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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and web mapping technologies have the capacity to transform the way organisations work. Corporate information often has a locational attribute such as address, post/zip code, route or coordinate. GIS tools can generate a realistic picture of such information providing a view of resource allocation, activity levels, risk or stakeholder requirement. This in turn can enhance services, streamline business processes and ensure that resources are used widely.

Cadcorp has been a leading supplier of GIS and mapping technology since it entered the market in 1995.

The Cadcorp SIS product suite is an integrated family of standalone, web, developer and mobile GIS products. It provides users with the capability to create, integrate, analyse and distribute most types of spatial data, and is easily customised using industry standard development tools.

Users worldwide depend on Cadcorp SIS to underpin web mapping and GIS applications in government, emergency services, land and property, AEC, insurance and maritime sectors.