Cadcorp in government – efficiencies through spatial data sharing

Public administrations rely on accurate and timely information about the geographic distribution of demand for their services, and the geographic distribution of their supply capabilities - both for policy making and optimising service delivery. The proper management, distribution, and sharing of spatial data, is crucial to effective and efficient public administration.

Web mapping and geographical information systems (GIS) are widely recognised as key enablers in the data sharing that e-government entails. Spatial information systems use the power of location to share information between people and systems within the organisation, as well as sharing information with the public.

Cadcorp’s strengths in information-sharing stem from its belief in and adherence to open standards in web mapping, GIS and IT in general.

Cadcorp is helping local, central and municipal government worldwide meet these challenges, across a wide range of service delivery areas and departments including:

  • digital map management
  • environment and plannin
  • land & property
  • highways and asset management
  • social services and healthcare
  • housing
  • emergency and contingency planning


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