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It is widely recognised that the application of geographical information
systems (GIS) increases the capability and effectiveness of the emergency services to respond in an emergency situation. Modern emergency services rely on accurate and timely information about the location of incidents, crimes or assets, often from dispersed sources of data. The ability to access and process spatial information quickly, from multiple sources, and to give visual feedback, is crucial to planning and operational effectiveness.

Increasingly, emergency services are subject to government initiatives to reform and modernise public services.

For example, UK fire and rescue services are required to produce an
Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP). This involves the identification of those areas where improvements to community safety can be made without compromising on emergency response times.

Cadcorp SIS  GIS and web mapping software is used by police, fire and ambulance services throughout the world for a diverse set of planning and operational support applications including:

  • digital map management and production e.g. OS MasterMap® in Great Britain
  • Integrated Risk Management Planning (IRMP)
  • dynamic incident analysis
  • sharing information via web-based GIS
  • community fire safety
  • emergency planning
  • mobile data logging and asset management


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