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Many engineers and architects are recognising in Cadcorp SIS® a geographic information system that has unsurpassed ability to work alongside their CAD systems.

Historically CAD software and GIS software were developed as solutions to different problems. CAD software was developed for the design of man-made structures that had yet to be built. GIS by contrast was developed to represent existing phenomena, both natural and artificial.

As CAD is now developing into Building Information Modelling (BIM), and as GIS has grown to handle 3D, so the interest in linking these two worlds is greater now than ever before: BIM is seen as an important data source for built environments in GIS, and GIS is seen as an important data source for the design and integration of BIM models in a real world context. The challenge is how to share data when systems differ in terms of data model, data format, coordinate system, and attribution levels.


Cadcorp and Internal Drainage Boards