Cadcorp Business partner program

The Cadcorp Business Partner Network is a growing international community of organisations that develop and deploy geographic information applications and services based on Cadcorp technology. Cadcorp and its partners work together to support end users in successful GIS implementations.

The Cadcorp Business Partner Network allows organisations to take advantage of Cadcorp technology to develop and market applications and solutions built on our software platform. The Cadcorp Business Partner Network is aimed at organisations that use Cadcorp technology as the basis of their applications and services and have an industry or market-focused GIS application or service; technical expertise in the development and deployment of GIS technology; a business strategy supported by successful sales and marketing practices and resources focused on making end users successful.

Partners have access to a community of like-minded individuals and companies; a world-class platform on which to develop your applications and services; and a solid partnership for sharing best practice and resources to ensure success.

Cadcorp provides partners with:

Cadcorp is looking for organisations to take advantage of Cadcorp SIS technology, to join our growing network of business partners around the world, and to be part of Cadcorp’s success.

Contact to explore the possibilities.